A few good men obedience to authority

I write many reports. The audience was much more rowdy than most Mormon audiences, shouting encouragement to the comics. I suspect it would have been easy to spot us as the Mormons in that crowd.

Duty, Conformity, Authority, Obedience

Conformity This looks like half of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. When confederates gave their wrong answers verbally, but participants were allowed to answer in writing, their conformity decreased significantly.

Rather than question, we blindly follow. The dependent measurements were whether or not the participant made all of the stress remarks measuring absolute obedience and the number of stress remarks relative obedience.

Yes, I most certainly did. Most Americans do see the Bible as the ultimate authority, but that darn, pesky legal system gets in the way. In addition, since the s in particular, the excesses of the s in which individual needs were suborned to duty to family and society, there has been a shift toward personal fulfillment.

In the s, Solomon Asch conducted experiments to understand the effects of conformity and majority opinions on decision-making. Did you report Private Bell to your superiors? Each subject served as a teacher of associations between arbitrary pairs of words. Lieutenant Kendrick, in your opinion was Private Santiago a good Marine?

Obedience (human behavior)

Being rebellious is no virtue in and of itself, but neither is obedience without understanding. He also found that the more the experimenter prodded the participant to continue, the more likely they were to stop the experiment.

Originally, women were given the mandate to be the moral force in society at large, not just in the home, but as men returned from WW2, the mandate shifted to place women in the home so that their A few good men obedience to authority would create employment opportunities for returning servicemen.

I remember thinking very highly of Private Bell, of not wanted to see his record tarnished by a formal charge. Do we say they are reaping what they sow? Unfortunately, this bad habit is carried over into adulthood where we replace our parents with a coach, a boss, a teacher, a commander, or a god.

Does mistrust of authority and hierarchy lead to chaos and anarchy or does absolute power corrupt absolutely? Obedience is another virtue with a serious downside.

The experimental setting was made to physically resemble a prison while simultaneously inducing "a psychological state of imprisonment". Do we use tribal language to hide the negative aspects of our actions?

Additionally, Burger found that both genders exhibited similar behavior, suggesting that obedience will occur in participants independent of gender.

One economics study that compared obedience to a tax authority in the lab versus at home found that participants were much more likely to pay participation tax when confronted in the lab.

Therefore, I had every right to try to stone Dianne Warwick, and her psychic friends, to death. Get thee to a SuperCuts! Lieutenant, you signed three Proficiency and Conduct reports on Santiago, and in all three reports, you indicate a rating of below average.

When a partner in the group also gave correct answers rather than conforming to the wrong answers given by the group, the participant was less likely to conform. Do we justify our harmful actions because we think they will lead to an eventual better outcome? I love this website. Without duty, there was no patriotism, and who would fight wars?

In the modeled refusal condition, two confederates were used, where one confederate acted as the learner and the other was the teacher. Jessup, and the Lord, our God. Asserting that a proposition is true solely on the authority making the claim while extreme cases also ignore any counter evidence no matter how strong.

The cruelty of the "guards" and the consequent stress of the "prisoners," forced Zimbardo to terminate the experiment prematurely, after 6 days. Records indicate that more than half that class has since been promoted to full Corporal while Dawson has remained a Lance Corporal.

The ends justify the means. If that partner left the room halfway through the experiment, the participant quickly began to conform again.Blind Authority Fallacy (also known as: blind obedience, the "team player" appeal, Nuremberg defense, divine authority [form of], appeal to/argument from blind authority) Description: Asserting that a proposition is true solely on the authority making the claim while extreme cases also ignore any counter evidence no matter how strong.

In A Few Good Men, two Marines are put on trial for a murder that resulted from orders given by their officers. The movie brings to light the issues of obedience, authority, responsibility, and morals. Obedience, in human behavior, is a form of "social influence in which a person yields to explicit instructions or orders from an authority figure".

Obedience is generally distinguished from compliance, which is behavior influenced by peers, and from conformity, which is behavior intended to match that of the majority. A Few Good Men The movie, "A Few Good Men," is a story about a pair of U.S.

Marines that are charged with murder. They feel that their innocence prevails because their acts were committed as direct orders from their superiors. A Few Good Men demonstrates the significance of how authority figures can control others and cause a dangerous phenomenon which has been prevalent throughout history.

In The Perils of Obedience speaks of the psychological affects on the ‘teacher’ but not the ‘student’; where the ‘student’ and ‘teacher’ were placed in separate.

Blind Authority Fallacy

Essay on Comparative Analysis of A Few Good Men; Milgram argues that, when in problematic circumstances, people are proud of doing a good job for their authority (Milgram ).

In other words, they want to obey the orders given in order to please the person holding authority. More about Essay on Comparative Analysis of A Few .

A few good men obedience to authority
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