Blaxploitation films

Enter Melvin Van Peebles, the first modern-day folk hero of black cinema. Scream Blacula Scream is the sequel to Blacula. It tells the story of a fair-skinned mulatto con nicknamed "White Folks," and his black accomplice "Blue" Howard who use their Blaxploitation films and their color in race related scams to part fools from their money all the while avoiding notoriously corrupt Philadelphia cops and Blaxploitation films.

The film was reportedly pulled from distribution because of its politically controversial message and depictions of an American race war.

The Candy Tangerine Man: It is not considered by its makers a true blaxploitation picture. Big, a New York gangster, and that he has a plan to gain a monopoly on the heroin supply in the city using the poppy fields of San Monique.

This surprise smash hit spawned a sequel The Human Tornado and helped float the blaxploitation bubble for a few more years, before it burst in the late s. It is about an African prince who is turned into a vampire by Dracula on his visit to Transylvania.

Casey, a former football player who put in six seasons with the San Francisco 49ers, was one of the wave of black athletes to invade the screen in the late s and early s.

Six Times Rougher Than Super Fly" read the tagline of this memorable tale of six motorcycle riding Vietnam vets and their plight adjusting to civilian life back home in the ghetto. Readick, with additional story ideas from Marco Joachim.

Blaxploitation movies

Nevertheless, the undeniably new nature of the film caused many to praise it, such as the Black Panther leader Huey P. Social connotations aside, Black Belt Jones is as entertaining as any other American kung fu film made during the time, featuring a compelling plot, great action sequences and Jim Kelly, a hero as cool as any asian kung fu star.

He finds that breaking into the music business is next to impossible. Indeed in the next scene they have set Baron up with a cop in drag to entrap him with procurement of prostitutes.

When the Mafia moves in, they establish a military-style squad.

List of blaxploitation films

Glynn Turman stars as a New Orleans law student hypnotized by a nightclub performer only to find his mind overtaken by the spirit of a murdered s gangster. It combines blaxploitation and outlaw biker film. They pictured African American tough and sexy divas living on their own terms, a movie was well received and appreciated by the critics.

As in many Blaxploitation films, the lead character drives a customized Cadillac Eldorado coupe the same car was used in Magnum Force. Void of the extreme sex and violence requirements of exploitation films, Cooley High was fondly embraced by audiences both black and white.

This police drama, starring an attractive young black woman Teresa Graves as an undercover cop, waslater made into a short-lived TV series. The questions surrounding the political motivations of the robbery were quite timely, coming at the height of the Watergate crisis.

Blacula was extremely successful at the box office. It is important to note that Blaxploitation arose at a critical juncture for the Hollywood film industry. Hyde and adding a sepia tint to the familiar classic. While the films portrayed the grittiness of inner city life, they also, like most exploitation films, were typically campy, full of exaggerated characters, sex and violence.

Former football player turned bounty hunter is pitted against a powerful prostitution crime syndicate in Los Angeles. Commemorating the 7th anniversary of the historic Watts rebellion of that set fire to Los Angeles, it also celebrated the positive changes that the black community had instituted since the devastation.


In an attempt to soften her image and groom her into a more viable and commercial actress, the studio tried to clean up her act. The concept was revived in with an all-new sequel starring Samuel L.

Bucktown is a prime example in which black heroes stand up to "The Man" and points out that being super-cool and indifferent to crime and inhumanity is equally desirable.In the s, a new genre of film came about in American culture, centered around the burgeoning black urban identity.

The movement sought to make relatable mainstream movies that the growing black population of America could relate to, although after a few years the whole country began to embrace. List of blaxploitation films. Jump to navigation Jump to search. This is an alphabetical list of films belonging to the blaxploitation genre A.

Aaron Loves Angela () Abar, the. Feb 09,  · Like many blaxploitation films, these are, in some ways, exercises in speculative metafiction.

A good number of blaxploitation movies took. Recent Examples on the Web. Released last Wednesday on 2, screens nationwide, the Columbia Pictures remake of the blaxploitation favorite has grossed only $ million to date, a dismal figure for such a wide opening.

— J.r. Jones, Chicago Reader, "Superfly rolls back the clock on African-American movie heroes," 21 June Omari Hardwick’s costuming recalls Shaft () and. LATEST HEADLINES. Summer Delivers $ Billion in Domestic Grosses, Keeping Year on Record Pace 6 hours ago | Box Office Mojo; Universal Launches ‘First Man’ Into Oscar Space And Also Fuels New Surprise Contender ‘Green Book’ To Upend The Race – Toronto Film Festival.

Jun 08,  · Watch video · Do the classic blaxploitation films still hold up? Have they ever held up?

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Blaxploitation films
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