Dilemma in the workplace essay

It is, after all, their private matter. I approached my manager with honesty and explained him my situation and the conflict of interest.

Growing up without a female figure, we have always count on each other for support. Even though the experience initially was uncomfortable to the company, by complying with the client requirements, the project was extended and contract agreement was renewed.

I brought this matter to the immediate attention of the client since it violated contractual terms and my professional ethics.

However, there are times where the lines are blurred due to various reasons. By doing so, I will be able to conceal my identity and protect myself.

Firstly, I can call him up and arrange for a meeting. Finally, by using the Utilitarianism theory, this paper is going to analyze and assess whether the resolution is ethical.

He can report what I have done to my superiors out of spite or revenge. As a result, the total utility is high.

Ethical Dilemmas in Workplace

I have not revealed the names of the companies with whom I worked in the past because of confidentiality reasons. The first resolution involves that I do not say anything at all. Management overhauled with expense reporting procedures, imposed stiff internal controls and took disciplinary action against some employees.

Secondly, I can also decide to write an anonymous letter to my sister telling her about the truth. I am slowly developing this habit for distorted thinking.

This case deals with the ethical dilemma I am facing at my current workplace. The second resolution which I can think of is to reveal the truth to my sister. In the end, I have decided to go with the third resolution.

I have decided to sit on it for some time in order to think through my options. I can continue earning to support my family. Initially, he is upset as I have put him in a situation where he has to finally face the truth.

Therefore, keeping and maintaining confidentiality is a crucial part and parcel of my job. A few months into my software development, I have learnt about a surprising piece of information that will put me in an ethical dilemma.

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The manager was impressed with my ethical approach and he agreed to allow me to work late hours to catch up with the lost time utilized for completing course homework. There are two ways which I can face him. In spite of knowing this, my company decided to go ahead and release it for production.

To answer this question, this essay will, firstly, describe a work situation at my previous employment that has posed an ethical dilemma for me. Strategies for Employees and Employers. Ethics, Diversity and Inclusion.

Since I strongly believe and lead my life on the basis of ethical principles, I made a decision not to falsify travel expenses and indulge in unfair practices.

Since behaviour depends not just on motivation, but also on ability, role perceptions and situational contingencies. Later, this essay will look at the resolution, if any, that has taken place to solve the dilemma. Description of a work situation with an ethical dilemma At my previous employment, I have worked as a technical communicator for a major health organization.

Ethical Challenges in the Management of Health Information. As soon as I found out about this information, I am flabbergasted as well as torn between my relationship with my family and my obligation towards my job.

Turn a blind eye to evil, and you may not be an accomplice. Therefore, if I minus the total pain from the total pleasure, not just will I be able to keep my job, I am also able to help my sister from marrying the wrong man and thus, saving her life.Every workplace has a code of conduct and ethics followed by all their employees.

It is in the best interest of the employee to become familiar with his or her own workplace code of conduct and ethics.

Free Essay: + Workplace Ethical Dilemma Tanya W. Cooper BSHS/ Professional, Ethical and Legal Issues in Human Services April 16, Kathleen Roberts. Solving an Ethical Dilemma at Work Essay - Describe an ethical problem you have encountered or might encounter in your workplace.

How would you approach the problem and reach a decision to solve it. Free Essay: Workplace Ethical Dilemmas Workplace Ethical Dilemmas Ethical dilemmas are what happen when a person is faced with a decision that may press. Ethical Dilemmas in Workplace Personal values may conflict with ethical decision making if those personal values are different than the organizational norms of the business or institution.

Constructing, and maintaining personal ethics in the workplace rests with the individual, and how willing he or she is in assimilating to the evolving cultural dynamic of the [ ]. Workplace Ethical Dilemma Essay Words | 6 Pages + Workplace Ethical Dilemma Tanya W.

Cooper BSHS/ Professional, Ethical and Legal Issues in Human Services April 16, Kathleen Roberts Everyday individuals are faced with issues associated with ethical dilemmas.

Dilemma in the workplace essay
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