Drawing paper

Paper can be smoother for graphite drawing, as graphite dust is much finer than charcoal dust. The thickness or heaviness of paper depends on its intended purpose, so each type of paper has a typical weight.

For my finished drawings, I look for paper that: Finally, I want it to be at least Drawing paper weight so that I can layer and erase charcoal several times without compromising the surface.

What Paper is Made of Paper is primarily made of cellulose, which is the main constituent of all plant life.

It usually weighs between 90 and lbs. Which side you draw on is entirely up to you. That sounds simple enough I like Drawing paper fairly smooth surface to work on, so I choose a hot-press paper.

Newsprint paper is a perfect example: I think the texture adds a wonderful, dream-like ambiguity that has come to be recognized as distinctly "Seurat-lian". The smoother, hot press watercolor papers can be great for drawing, also!

However, if the paper has a very coarse texture, the ridges will interfere with the line you draw as shown in the photo above. To determine paper weight in pounds, the manufacturer weighs sheets of the same size paper.

Think of it this way: Having said that, below you will find my preferred drawing papers that I encourage you to evaluate for yourself! The bottom side of the paper is called the wire side, because it faces down on a wire mesh screen during production.

This means that you can make paper out of any kind of plant, and each one will have its own distinct characteristics. You may also be interested in Why is tooth important to consider? The rougher or more textured the paper is, the more "tooth" it is said to have.

However, heaviness is not necessarily an indicator of quality. Instead, paper weight should be used to help determine whether or not the paper and medium you intend to use are a good match.

This side faces up on the conveyor belt during production, gets the most attention, and is the side with the watermark when you buy a single sheet of paper. Quite the contrary, in my opinion: Cold-press paper is made under lower pressure using no heat, and therefore has a coarser, more textured surface.

Stonehenge Drawing Paper This is a great quality paper. The two sides of the paper The top and bottom sides of drawing paper have different properties. This provides an alkaline buffer to help counter anything acidic that it may come into contact with. The only type of paper that has the same texture on both sides is two-ply paper.

About Choosing a Drawing Paper In essence, all we need to draw is a pencil and a piece of drawing paper. I tend to draw on the felt side because I prefer smoother drawing surfaces.

Cotton cellulose is naturally lignin-free and has a neutral pH. Hot-press paper is pressed under heated, high-pressure cylinders, and therefore is smoother and has less texture.

When lignin is removed from wood cellulose, however, it results in very durable paper for example, Strathmore Series Drawing Paper - my personal favorite. How do you know if your paper contains lignin?

The resulting total is the weight you see written on your drawing pad, such as "80 lbs". This is very useful as it so easy for paper to absorb acidity, from: This is such a matter of personal preference that all I can really do is offer you a starting point for your experimentation by telling you what I prefer and whyand what else exists out there.

The top side is called the felt side. The second type of cellulose that drawing paper can be made from is cotton cellulose, which comes from the cotton bulb.This shopping feature will continue to load items.

In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. Stonehenge Drawing Paper This is a great quality paper. At 90 or lbs, it is slightly heavier than the above Strathmore. At 90 or lbs, it is slightly heavier than the above Strathmore.

It also has a coarser texture, as it is made of.

Drawing Papers

Artist paper, including drawing paper, inkjet paper, pastel paper, watercolor paper, and vellum. Just about everyone's artistic experience starts with a piece of paper and something to draw or paint with.

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Drawing paper
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