Dream of the red chamber

One of the most remarkable multi-faceted personalities in the novel, Xifeng can be kind-hearted toward the poor and helpless. The following day, he takes the official examination, placing seventh on the list.

She dies at the age of forty. He also did not really show the intensity of corruptive activities in the families.

She is not keen on elaborately decorating her room and herself. Indiana University Press, — This social division became a terrible abyss.

Hard going at first because of the myriad characters there are 40 main ones and their to a non-Chinese eye difficult names. Jia Yingchun simplified Chinese: Even small landlords were often on the brink of bankruptcy. For another, they see it as a hidden way of expressing political satire.

The Dream of the Red Chamber Book I

Nevertheless one does admire his strength of weaving stories, and feels sorry that they could not read the completed work, but it is not the best. It is a different kind of novel from earlier Chinese classics such as Romance of the Three KingdomsThe Water Margin and Monkeythe latter a vast sprawling narrative, surreal and poignant, full of songs and poems.

Undeniably the most worldly woman in the novel, Xifeng is in charge of the daily running of the Rongguo household and wields remarkable economy as well as political power within the family.

The story line of the novel roughly parallels these predictions. But Xueqin changed it all. He is out of touch with reality and is a hands-off person at home and in court. Li Wan simplified Chinese: Splendid Phoenixalias Sister Feng.

He has a wife, Lady Wang, and two concubines:The basic storyline of A Dream of Red Mansions focuses primarily on the Chia billsimas.com are two dukes in the family — Duke Ning-kuo and Duke Jung-kuo.

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Chia Fu, the elder grandson of Duke Ning-kuo, dies young, so the second grandson, Chia Ching, succeeds to the title after the death of his father, Chia Tai-hua. Dream of the Red Chamber, written in the 18th century in China, is a book for people who have a particular interest in Chinese culture.

For those of thus who do, we are grateful to have it available. But for a person just looking for a diverting read, not so much.4/5(30). Media in category "Dream of the Red Chamber" The following 45 files are in this category, out of 45 total.

The Dream of the Red Chamber is one of the "Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese Literature." It is renowned for its huge scope, large cast of characters and telling observations on the life and social structures of 18th century China and is considered by many to be the pinnacle of the classical Chinese novel/5(5).

Dream of the Red Chamber

For Dream of the Red Chamber, as for most works of traditional Chinese literature, the first place to go for a general overview is Nienhauser – It also makes sense to read Idema and Haftor the much older but more detailed presentation of the novel in Hsiaor else the.

The Dream of the Red Chamber Book I Xueqin CAO (c. - ), translated by Henry Bencraft JOLY ( - ) The Dream of the Red Chamber (also known as The Story of the Stone) is one of the Four Great Classical Novels of China, and considered the greatest of them all.

Dream of the red chamber
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