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Indeed, most abuse occurs within families or circles of close acquaintance. As my late friend Fr. And what I say here about McCarrick applies to every priest of any rank who disgraces the priesthood by committing grave sexual sins in defiance of his vow of chastity.

Here I also include celibacy. They also produced legal liabilities amounting to tens of millions of dollars, which the archdiocese needs to pay if it is to restore its credibility as a moral force.

Celibacy and the Catholic priest

My help comes from the Lord, He who made heaven and earth" Psalm I write from inside the question, having lived as a celibate seminarian and priest for more than a decade in my youth. So here is what I think needs to happen going forward. Celibates in the Catholic Church, which through tradition and subsequent discipline in the Latin West now include the majority of priests, follow Jesus as those disciples who, by grace, accept this state of life in imitation of him.

A Crisis of Infidelity

Am I advocating a zero-tolerance policy toward grave sexual sins, such as fornication, adultery, and sodomy even when committed by consenting adults? By praying with the Psalmist: The cardinal, in his statement, offered thanks to Jewish and other religious groups as well as public officials for the help they have given him since he became archbishop in It is because the infidelity expressed by and embodied in these sins, and because the scandal—undermining of the faith including the faith of the sinning priest and the faith of the person with whom he sins —they occasion, is simply intolerable.

Even before the Council acted, the myth that these disciplines were eternally willed by God was broken. Who can dispute the paradox that our lives are fulfilled only when recklessly squandered on others? That is what is needed. Preoccupied by talk of bankruptcy and resignation, Law has yet to implement all the proposals of his Commission on the Protection of Children, which submitted its report in October.

To do so would be beneath us. Therefore, in latePaul VI made his second extraordinary intervention to forbid any discussion of priestly celibacy. Sacrifice is properly understood as self-gift in joyful freedom towards fulfillment, since losing oneself is the only way to find oneself.

The ideal of celibacy arises from a saying of Christ: The possibility that the archdiocese would file for bankruptcy instead of reaching settlements with victims was one of the reasons Law was in Rome this week. The magnet is dead. Religious orders continue to this day with the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience as a proven structure of service and contemplation.

The vows of such orders are a separate question. And just like that, Catholics had reason to suspect that celibacy was being maintained as a requirement of the priesthood because of internal church politics — not because of any spiritual or religious motive. This is why there is our collective, intuitive horror at the sin of priests preying upon children, outdone only by the sin of parents preying upon children.

But the Catholic scandal has laid bare an essential pathology that is unique to the culture of clericalism, and mandatory celibacy is essential to it. Celibates invite us to believe.

Well, fundamentally the answer to infidelity is fidelity. From a secular perspective, the celibate man or, in the case of nuns, woman made an impression simply by sexual unavailability. Yet I offer a broad critique of something central to their lives and identities — the rule of celibacy.

Mere repression would have to do, along with loneliness — and perhaps an unbroken attachment to mother. Well-adjusted priests may live happily as celibates, but how many regard the discipline as healthy?

What I only intuited 35 years ago has become an open conviction shared by many: Despite denials from Rome, there will be no halting, much less recovering from, the mass destruction of the priest sex abuse scandal without reforms centered on the abandonment of celibacy as a near-universal prerequisite for ordination to the Latin-rite priesthood."The Catholic Church cannot pretend to be shocked about the pattern of sexual abuse of adult seminarians" allegedly by Cardinal McCarrick, said a July 17 editorial by the editors of America magazine.

"Many church leaders had received multiple notices of the cardinal's behavior. May 16,  · Celibacy cuts to the heart of what is wrong in the Catholic Church today. There will be no halting, much less recovering from, the mass destruction of the priest sex abuse scandal without the.

Editorial: Toll of church abuse. January 9, Editorial: Keeping faith ESSAY 'What will Lake Street think?' no longer the upcoming consolidation of parishes in the archdiocese will lay significant historical markers along the road as the Boston Catholic church and its 2 million adherents continue to come to grips with their worst.

The Death of Editorial Cartooning to NRO’s coverage of the crisis in the Catholic Church. Michael Brendan Dougherty, Kathryn Lopez, and other colleagues have covered all the shocking events.

Spotlight Team Investigation: Abuse in the Catholic Church. Complete coverage of the priest sexual abuse scandal from The Boston Globe, including case documents, video, polls, and message boards. Sep 01,  · We published more than responses to the essay, many raising the same issues as Mr. Nathaniel.

A selection of comments, edited for length and clarity, is below. Boston. The church will find.

Editorial on boston catholic church essay
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