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In USA, tobacco manufacture is rank 18th in toxic industries. However, it can divided to two main causes which in physical and psychological. These people will definitely be the best example to tell you that demerits of smoking. In this time, this chemical may cause many effects on soil, water, even animal because some kind of birds and small animals confuse filter of cigarette as their food.

Second main cause of smoking is psychological which seems to be a very important factor for people to get the habit. However, in fact, this is maybe much more money because some kinds of cigarette have higher price and with addicted people, a pack of cigarettes a day is not enough.

In fact, there are among us here today who smoke without thinking that their actions actually violate the school regulations and they are actually causing harm to their health. Passive smokers sometimes never know the effects of breathing cigarette smoke.

So, as I said, it is a slow death. Allow me to highlight the fact that smoking actually brings so many disadvantages.

Nicotine contained in cigarette is an addictive substance. For person got married, wasting a lot of money for smoking a month affects much on economics of family, especially poor family.

The Effect Of Smoking Smoking can be considered one of the most dangerous habits that any individual can have. One of the effects is lung cancer and also mouth cancer.

From the fact I had read before, smoking kills an average ofpeople each year. The tobacco manufacture releases an amount of waste including a lot of toxic chemicals such as oils, plastic, ethylene, glycol, nicotine, ect.

There is no one real reason that causes people to smoke but from my observations towards my friends especially to boys actually some of them may start smoking because they saw someone they liked smoking and thought it was cool.

It makes a big burden for government to solve smoking problem. According to World Health Organization WHOthere are toxic chemicals per chemicals in tobacco, and in these toxic chemicals, there are about 40 chemicals cause cancer such as nicotine, monoxide carbon, benzene, ammoniac, ect.

It affects not only health but also environment and society. These chemicals make water and soil as well as air in surrounding areas is contamination. Furthermore, it also can give the effect to the pregnant women which in causes the pregnancy complications when the mother inhaled the smoke from smokers.

Next, get involved in voluntary work.

The last tip that I can share with you is to talk and discuss with ex-smokers on how to kick the bad habit. It is a very familiar slogan that you can easy to see in all pack of cigarettes and in public places.

Although smokers claim that it helps them to relax and release stress, the negative aspects of the habit take over the positive. Some statistics in Vietnam show that about 60 percent children under 5 are affected by smoke.

Each year, tobacco manufacture of the World releases about million kilograms nicotine, one of toxic chemicals causes cancer and heart disease.

Everyone can be exposed to smoke in public places, such as restaurants, shopping centers, public transportation, schools, and daycare centers.

Cancer is considered like a slow death. This kind of illness is produced by smoking. Secondhand smoke can also cause a cancer to the non-smokers.

Furthermore, when they start smoking, they tend to lack concentration in their studies.Mar 31,  · Cause and Effect Essay: The Effect Of Smoking Smoking can be considered one of the most dangerous habits that any individual can have. From the fact I had read before, smoking kills an average ofpeople each year.

Let´s share our essays! WELCOME! If you do, it is really important to know some things about the damage done in your body by smoking. In our days is very common to see people smoking and sometimes under age people.

Smoking a lot causes some effects like lung and mouth cancer, ulcers and also the passive smokers can be damged by people who. Free Essay: A cause effect essay The causes and effects of smoking among students Smoking is one of the most dangerous widespread phenomena that threatens.

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