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Formosa Plastics Group

To meet the needs for transportation of chemicals to and from the No. During the construction of Naphtha Cracker 6, further trouble arose when to Thai and Filipino workers fought on 5 September Formosa Steel had previously been an object scandal in Vietnam in after a scaffolding collapse at the plant construction site caused the deaths of 16 workers, apparently because of lack of adequate safety measures.

We are engaged in such businesses as oil refining, petrochemicals, plastic raw materials, secondary processing of plastics, fiber and textile, electronic materials, machinery, and transportation. In Taiwan, FPG has also diversified into many other fields, including textiles, electronics, medicine, skin care, automobile manufacturing, gasoline retail and petroleum refining.

The naphtha cracking plant has an annual output of 1. Electronic Materials We have established a vertically integrated production system ranging from printed circuit boards, copper-clad laminates to upstream products such as epoxy resin, bisphenol-A, copper foil, glass fiber and filament.

The environmental pollution negatively affected the livelihood ofpeople Formosa plastics groups local fishers.

The brawl was reported to have lasted eight hours. As a result, Formosa Plastics has seen demonstration by environmental activists in Taiwan, sometimes with the cooperation of international activists.

He is a freelance writer on social movements and politics, and occasional translator. Despite these complications, the plant proceeded as scheduled and continues to enjoy government support.

Formosa Plastics Group’s Long History of Wrongdoing in Taiwan, Vietnam, and Elsewhere

FPG shelved these proposals in and Chairman Wang Yung-ching traveled secretly to mainland China to find a solution there. Formosa plastics groups Ya Plastics Processing Corp.

An incident in recent memory would be Taiwanese academic Ben-Jei Tsuang of National Chung Hsing University being sued by Formosa Plastics for accusing the plant of causing increased cancer risk in the vicinity of a hydrocarbon-processing facility in Mailiao, Taiwan.

Expanding downstream into textiles and dyeing and finishing, the FPG has become one of the largest textile and finishing and dyeing producers in Taiwan, producing different kinds of yarn, plan-weave fabric, knitted cloth, and dyed products.

This is reflected in its seven-story corporate museum in Taoyuan, for example, which prominently features forestry as part of its branding to try to present the company as environmentally friendly in its practices.

A third member of the group, New Eastern Plastics Product, was formed to manufacture those processed resins into consumer goods. The release resulted in an estimated tons of dead fish washing ashore in Vietnam.

Beyond environmental concerns, protesters and newly legalized opposition parties denounced the cronyism they saw in the expedited approvals, extended tax holiday, subsidized loans, extremely low land prices for the land, and special allowance for a private port.

Some believe this to be the largest ecological disaster in Vietnamese history.

The main component materials of carpets such as PP and nylon veil are produced by FPG in specialized plants with great potential. After a successful campaign, including a televised debate between Chen and FPG Chairman Wang, they eventually forced the company to look elsewhere.

After eventually removing the waste through contracting the Cambodian army, Formosa Plastics first tried to ship this waste to dispose of it in California and then in Nevada. Permission was granted inas President Chiang Ching-kuo instituted reforms to loosen the authoritarianism instituted by his Formosa plastics groups, Chiang Kai-shek.

Fibers, textiles and carpets At present, the FPG produces 6 types of fibers: But Formosa Steel has continued to be caught up in scandal, with Formosa Steel having been caught involved in several illegal dumpsites and being suspected of shipping toxic waste to the sea around Quang Binh and dumping it into the ocean in weighted bags.

Machinery Products As the largest machinery shop in Taiwan, our products and services include factory and power plant co-generators, automatic warehousing systems, refining and petrochemical manufacturing equipments, heavy load transportation and installation, gear reducers and large precision gears, industrial rollers, linings, metal roller electroplating and electrobrightening.

Save the Taiwanese White Dolphin At other times, Formosa Plastics would lie wholesale about its environmental record, with its corporate public relations efforts placing a great deal of energy on claiming that Formosa Plastics is an environmentally friendly company which has gone out of its way to not only make sure its plants are environmentally sound, but to advance the cause of environmental protection as part of its central corporate values.

Yet even after the mass fish deaths which provoked outrage across all of Vietnam, it seems that Formosa Steel has not learnt its lesson.

But why such defensiveness of Formosa? Inthe Linkou branch undertook the first liver transplant operation in Asia. Yet it is thus ironic that some in Taiwan have attempted to defend Formosa Steel from charges of wrongdoing, or even to claim that the Vietnamese government offered up Formosa Steel as a scapegoat to the public.

Carpet tiles are produced with both PVC and flexible bases in standard sizes including But whether in Taiwan, Vietnam, or elsewhere, it remains that the conglomerate is largely unaccountable in its practices.

This led to mass protests in Vietnam, which is rare, given that the Vietnamese government normally cracks down on protest except when it is useful to its purposes. Indeed, Taiwan is usually not distinguished from China within Vietnam, and incidents as the mass fish deaths lead Taiwan to appear no different from China in acting as an economic exploiter of Southeast Asian countries.

Formosa Plastics Corp

Transportation In addition to Formosa Transport Corporation, Formosa Fairway Corporation, and Formosa Petrochemical Transportation Corporation which operate intercompany transportation on the island, in we established the first chemical tanker fleet in Taiwan.

As an international corporation with plants located across the world, industrial accidents by Formosa Plastics-owned plants have also occurred in America, with five employees in a Illinois killed after an chemical plant explosion and 11 workers injured after an explosion in a Texas chemical plant.

Demonstrations against Formosa Steel in Taiwan. Since then, over illegal dumping sites, including more than 8, tons of mercury waste, have been linked to Formosa Plastics in Taiwan. Chinese expansion has included a power plant in Zhuangzhou, Fujian Province and at least 40 FPG-built factories across the country.

If in Vietnam, the Vietnamese government has acted to defend Formosa Steel, environmental damage caused by Formosa Plastics as carried out in collusion with cronyist government authorities is nothing new for the company in Taiwan, either. To begin with, the Formosa Plastics Group which owns Formosa Steel hardly has a great environmental record in Taiwan, with recent issues of environmental pollution regarding a coal power plant owned by Formosa Plastics in Changhua and controversy around pollution caused by its Naptha crackers for decades.Major businesses In addition to Formosa Plastics Corporation, Nan Ya Plastics Corporation, and Formosa Chemicals & Fibre Corporation, the Formosa Plastics Group in Taiwan includes more than 10 other companies, including Formosa Petrochemical Corporation, Nan Ya Technology Corporation, and Formosa Komatsu Silicon.

About Formosa Plastics - An Overview. Founded inFormosa Plastics Corporation, U.S.A. (Formosa Plastics) is a growing, vertically-integrated supplier. Formosa Plastics Corporation manufactures and markets plastics materials and chemical fiber products.

The Company's products include PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) resins, high density polyethylene. As Formosa Plastics Group adheres to take count of environmental protection, it actively embarks locating public environmental facilities aside from undertaking the improvement of pollutants -- air, water, noise and waste -- these may be.

The Formosa Plastics Group is an enterprise which is mainly engaged in the plastics industry, and this enterprise is also engaged in fibre, textiles, dyeing, shipping and educational and medical areas. FPC USA is a vertically-integrated supplier of polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, chlor-alkali, EDC and other olefins products.

ISO and registered.

Formosa plastics groups
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