Heavy duty paper shredders for sale

Models range from small units handling a few hundred pounds per hour to large centralized machines for reducing almost every material stream volume. Shredders are available with capabilities to handle cores from 3" to over 18" diameter with up to 1" wall thickness and any length.

Indeed now there is a very wide choice of machines at fantastic prices. The product size is controlled by the width of the shredding blades, number of hooks, and hook profile. A variety of e-waste shredders are available from magnetic degaussers, to simple presses, to high-volume Heavy duty paper shredders for sale.

Rated to handle up to 3 tons per hour at up to sheets per pass. Strip-cut or cross-cut shredders are available. Medium duty shredders can be equipped with cart dumperdischarge conveyor and baler to maximize processing efficiency.

These shredders can run continuously, they come with different motor capacities and can generally take between 25 to even sheets together.

Office Shredder

There is no reason for not using one to safeguard your data. Generally for home use a small shredder is enough, these shredder machines are elegantly designed and come with several features such as silentec, safe sense, safety lock, jam blocker etc.

See our Recycling Equipment page or contact us for more details on solutions to your processing needs! Cross Cut P-4 security levels is also available in these machines. Since from our experience we have zeroed down on some trouble free paper shredder in each category from a large stock of over models, We highly recommend these machines for their features, quality and value for money.

They are very useful for continuous usage day in and day out. Design improvements have been incorporated into the drive design, feed system and additional features to minimize maintenance.

Industrial High Capacity Paper Shredders

Used Equipment Shredders DeHart Recycling Equipment offers full lines of Commercial and Industrial shredding systems ranging from small strip-cut shredders to a fully-engineered custom shredding solutions complete with integrated feed and discharge equipment and dust collection.

Light duty models include a 16" wide feed throat, feed table, hardened saw-tooth cutters, motors ranging from 3 to 10 HP three-phase and heavy-duty gearbox and drive.

New and Used Shredders For Sale

You may then consider a medium sized machine which will be able to cope with greater amounts of papers as business grows in the future. It has an automatic feed and a large bin so you can load up to A4 sheets and leave it to get shredded without standing near the machine so that you can get on with your job and save priceless time.

These powerful machines include a 20" wide feed throat, feed table, hardened saw-tooth cutters, motors ranging from 15 to 40 HP three-phase and heavy-duty gearbox and drive.

The machine is typically provided complete with loading hopper, support frame and stand-alone electrical control panel housing the electrical switchgear and Siemens PLC controller.

With just a few papers daily to shredding large quantities you will definitely find a solution from us. However please feel free to contact us for more options if required, details, pro and cons of the machines, prices or just for some plain advice anytime.

Some years back it was unimaginable to get such a large variety of machines here in India, but now all the worlds big paper shredder brands like INTIMUS are available here just as it is with other electronics. The cutting discs have tipped blades which grab the material and pull it down into the cutting chamber, making it particularly effective when shredded large hollow containers.

The Top 10 Best-Reviewed Commercial Paper Shredders

E-Waste We have shredders and crushers specifically designed for processing e-waste. These sturdy machines are designed for centralized office shredding. The patented pierce-and-tear shredding action pulls material into the shredding wheels and tears it apart.

Ideally suited for applications including heavy extruded purgings, sheet, pipe scrap, X-ray film, post consumer baled bottles, film and fibers. In any case we shall be glad to hear from you.

Plastic Heavy-duty granulators designed for high capacity plastic recycling. The same basic shredder can process plastic such as large extruder purgings, large reject parts, trim scraps, baled or loose film, synthetic fiber, as well as cardboard, paper, medical waste, carpet, pallets and wood.

We provide systems for document and product destruction, bulk reduction of boxes, cores and industrial by-products, e-waste, plastic granulation, and wire and metal shredding.

A safety switch prevents machine startup when the front panel is open and the machine features emergency stop buttons on the machine body and control panel.billsimas.com – Paper shredder store, sales & services. We are an authorized distributor and dealer of most famous brands.

We have been selling paper shredders for over 14 years and can provide you the suitable shredder and important information. Industrial paper shredders for sale or purchase.

Includes the Intimus 38 and Intimus 50 cross or strip cut heavy duty paper shredders. Sentinel Pro FSP 30 Sheet Strip Cut Heavy Duty Paper Shredder Repackaged Sale, Full Warranty! Not available at this timeFREE SHIPPING within the continental U.S.! Sentinel® Pro 30 Sheet Stripcut Heavy Duty Paper Shredder FSP-RP REPACKAGED, NEW, FULL WARRANTY!

If you work in an office and have a high quantity of papers to shred on a constant basis, heavy-duty cross-cut shredders may be ideal. These shredders are great at shredding personal and private documents and can handle many sheets of paper at once.

At Shredder Warehouse we have an extensive range of shredders for home, office, commercial and industrial shredding at prices to suit every budget. If required our experienced team can offer advice on which shredder paper is correct for you, wherever you are located in Australia – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin.

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Heavy duty paper shredders for sale
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