High school journalism topics to write about

On a due date, my inbox would automatically increase to 30 new emails or more in a matter of minutes. The version of the editorial turned in on Day 19, should be good enough to be submitted for publication. Generative Topic Formulating logical arguments in editorial writing.

Other Ideas These ideas should get you going in the right direction. What purpose does each article seem to serve? Teacher reminds students each day that their goal is to not only create a item quiz, but also to prepare themselves to take a quiz by familiarizing themselves with all types of logical fallacies.

Story Ideas for High School Journalists

The editorial must be turned in on Day 19 with notes from research and at least two drafts showing significant revision. For instance, a journalist can develop a good story from the embarrassing moments that both teachers and students encounter while in school.

Why do people read them? She recently shared her thoughts with SchoolJournalism. Draw letters from a hat to determine which group goes first and use a die to choose a person from each group to give a speech.

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In pairs students keep a list of the following: School policy and rules School curriculum Self-Help Articles You can write articles that help people overcome certain addictions, bad habits, and fears.

Day 4 On the third or fourth day, pairs get together with other pairs to form small groups of four to six. Along with helping students report and write a good ideas piece, the course will hopefully also teach them a way of thinking about stories in general: The entire class will meet from 5: If so, spend some more time looking through the editorial pages to see if we can find an example of an editorial that fits that purpose.

Students share highlights from their lists with the class as time permits. Students form groups of three to four and each group is assigned a group letter. What topics are covered in each of the editorials?

Days in class will be spent on other activities, so much of the writing must be done at home. Traditional newspapers such as The New York Times, The Boston Globe and The Los Angeles Times have all experimented with ways of building ideas coverage into their papers on a regular basis and much analysis on major news websites from Salon, Slate and the Huffington Post fall into this category.Jan 18,  · What Would Be Some Fun Journalism Topics for Middle School Students to write on?

I am teaching a middle school journalism class, and would like to know what good topics would there for Middle School students to do an article on?Status: Resolved. Whether you want to write books or magazine stories, produce web videos or work in front of the camera, our faculty will help you polish your prose, develop your voice and use words effectively to engage your audience.

All M.S. students at the Journalism School take a seven-week writing module in the fall semester; options include news.


Editorial Writing Suzanne Walter of Eldorado High School in Albuquerque, N.M. Suzanne Walter Eldorado High School Albuquerque, N.M. Title: Editorial Writing Thesis: I have found that students often have opinions but cannot communicate them effectively.


In order to write good editorials, students need to learn to formulate strong arguments and. Story Ideas for High School Journalists. The Student Press Law Center, in partnership with Education Week, produced a series of handouts that show high school student journalists how to localize national education billsimas.com include tips on making public record requests, advice from professional education reporters and other suggestions.

Nov 13,  · Lesson Plan | Resources for teaching and learning about journalism. Lesson Plan | Resources for teaching and learning about journalism.

What Are Some High School Newspaper Article Ideas?

In my years as a journalism teacher and high school newspaper adviser, I found nothing more valuable for teaching the craft than showing students how the professionals do it. Learning to. School Journalism in the Age of Instant Information High School Newspaper Article Ideas.

Some great topics to write on are: New governmental policies Trending stories – stories that polarize people, cause social upheaval, or that most people are following.

High school journalism topics to write about
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