Indian in the cupboard book report

On the return trip to his room, the horse kicks Little Bear and injures his leg. He uses a key inherited from his great-grandmother to open it. Later Omri learns from his mother that the jewellery box was returned in ruins with none of the jewellery inside, changing nothing Bert only said he would return the jewel-case without specifying that the jewels would still be in it.

Matron is able to save several lives but many are near death and eight of them have already died. They greatly enjoy it, but when Gillon starts to come in they send her home suddenly through the cashbox.

Omri initially suspects that the stolen earrings are in the cashbox he found with the Account and realises that the magic key could probably open it. The cupboard is returned but the key is missing. He then remembers she mentioned something about this back when she first gave him the key so everything is all right.

After watching and back and forth conversation with Omri, Patrick abandons the idea of turning all the plastic figures into real people. Use The Indian in the Cupboard summary to help with projects, book reports or checking reading comprehension.

Omri freaks out, remembering that he convinced Bert to return the jewellery case, and worries that it will cause him to cease to exist. Patrick did not like this idea but agreed only if Omri would bring the cowboy and Indian to school the next day. I thought this book had a very nice plot.

There Omri learns the origin of the magic key and its history of time travel. The chief has a bow and arrow for Little Bear.

The Indian In The Cupboard Free Essay, Term Paper and Book Report

Omri has no medical supplies small enough to help Little Bear. Finally Omri must scoop Little Bear up to protect both men. Their conversation is comical.

They pull up the carpet and floorboard and a tense situation ensues. He returns home to find that his father has added proper shelves to his room and bolts on the door so he can lock them. The boys use the key to bring Tommy, the army medic back to life to care for Lynne Reid Banks The Indian in the Cupboard Omri puts the plastic Indian he got from Patrick in the cupboard and gets a secret morning surprise the next day.

The Indian is named Little Bear from the Iroquois tribe. Omri finally picks him up and the Indian starts barking orders that he wants meat, fire, longhouse, colour. Little Bear is very bossy.

"The Indian in the Cupboard" tells the story of Omri, a 9-year-old boy who discovers that a cupboard has the magical power to bring his plastic toys to life. Slowly, Omri befriends Little Bear, a Native American warrior who demands food, shelter and company.

The plot is complicated by Omri's friend. The Indian in the Cupboard For this month’s book report I read a book called ‘The Indian in the Cupboard’ by Lynne Reid Banks.

The Indian In The Cupboard

This book was about a boy named Omri and his small Indian toy. For Omri’s birthday he received a small Indian toy from a friend and a small cupboard from his brother.

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What Is a Summary of the Book

“The Indian in the cupboard” can be classified as children’s books since the story is based on the life of children. In my view, the book is comprehensive and the story given by the author relates to children experiences. The book is relevant for children who wish to learn about adventures and experiences of other children.

The indian in the cupboard - Book Report/Review Example

The Indian in the Cupboard book report form (PDF File) Customize the The Indian in the Cupboard book report Analogies Analogies for The Indian in the Cupboard Word Wall The Indian in the Cupboard Word Wall. Reading Comprehensions Remember Your Writing Manners (Grade 3) Chapters

Indian in the cupboard book report
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