Letters covered in buttons

A word of advice here.

Visually, this is important after buttons go on. There are some big goings-on in my little town this weekend! Add a comment 13 Once the rear of your letter dries, take 12 flat buttons glued together in pairs and apply them to the rear.

You will need two squares for each letter. Once I figured that out I really began to fly on these letters. Add a comment 7 The fun part - your button application! Recommended For You 3 Atop some small cups bathroom cups work greatpaint your wooden letter a color that corresponds to your button selection.

I came up with the idea to make button covered letters mounted on wood slices for Emmett and Delilah. As you can see, the trim nicely covers all the unfinished edges, including the corners. One for the face of the letter, and one for the sides.

Continue Reading I saw a picture of fabric-covered letters on Pinterest one day and thought that would be fun. Your letter should now look like this. Add a comment 8 Button application progress Like I said, I bought fat quarters and they turned out to be the perfect size for this project. I used about two yards total for my frills and hanging.

Add a comment 6 Close-up of my button assortment. You will not be able to adjust the letter once you stick it onto the wood so make sure you practice the placement before gluing it down. Add a comment 4 Set aside your letter to dry.

They are made out of paper mache.

Hold on to your seats! Add a comment 12 Close up on my lighter, contrasting edge color and strokes of such on the canvas front. I got an assortment found in the small jar pictured, plus some specialty glitter ones in a bag. Cut out a piece of batting that is large enough to cover the front and sides of the letter….

DIY Button Letter

Continue Reading Then you are going to need some sort of batting if you want your letters to have a little puffiness to them. Again, this is done to add depth once the letter is mounted. Once again, snipping the fabric at the corners helps in wrapping it around the letters.

What projects do you have on your to-do list that would whip up quicker with a bit of Krazy Glue!? The adjustment to having four kids and having my two older boys home on summer break has left me in tears more than a few times.

Allow a few minutes to make sure all of the glue has dried and flip the letter over. There are lots of different fabrics to choose from and they all coordinate! Every Labor Day weekend a special event called Swiss Days Are you running out of glue sticks yet???

Ribbon fluffed and attached to my canvas rear and the letter was adhered using more hot glue. Since Krazy Glue craft glues adhere the smallest embellishments so fast I will be keeping it handy! Between applying coats of paint use Krazy Glue to start covering your letter in buttons.

They can be matching, or contrasting. Each coat was dry within minutes. Once all the side are glued down, trim the excess off the outside corners. Add a comment 10 Just getting an idea of what everything will look like before I give the canvas another coat of my darker color before adding strokes of my lighter, contrasting accent color on top.

I almost gave up at that point. Continue Reading On the inside corners…snip your material at a diagonal and then glue down. Life with four kids has left me with little time to craft or create.

Using a foam brush paint the front of the wood slice with acrylic paint.To make your own button covered letter plaques you will need the following supplies: wood slice or scroll plaque paper mache letter acrylic paint foam brush or paint brush buttons Krazy Glue; Once you have gathered all of your supplies follow these easy directions to make your own button covered letter plaque!1.

How to Make a Painted Canvas & Button-Covered Monogram Simple, visual steps depicting how to create a letter monogram covered in assorted buttons, mounted atop a painted canvas with some fun ribbon to hang a baby's new room or otherwise. Dec 17,  · Some keys on my wife's notebook computer lost their lettering.

I now have Brother P-Touch label maker. I got a black tape (white letters) cartridge for it and replaced damaged letters on my wife's computer.

How to Make a Painted Canvas & Button-Covered Monogram

The label tape is holding up well and looks great. If you can, try this. I think you will be pleased. Put a pin in it with a button at Zazzle! Button pins that really stand out with ,+ Curated Designs · Affordable Customization · Satisfaction GuaranteedTypes: Tote Bags, Luggage Tags, Political Buttons & Hats, Custom Shoes.

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Button Letter Plaque

Find great button selections, including novelty sewing buttons and sewing buttons in a variety of styles and types. Button Letters Name Letters Cardboard Letters Craft Letters Diy Buttons Buttons Ideas Diy Monogram Letter Monogram Button Crafts Forward Cover a cardboard letter with colorful buttons to create a one-of-a-kind decoration and gift for the birthday girl.

Letters covered in buttons
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