Methamphetamines labs or death labs essay

They can experience paranoia, hyper activity, hallucinations, delusions, and aggression. Thus effecting their respiratory system, and can cause raised heart rate, high blood pressure, and organ failure. Out of all illegal drugs, meth addiction is one of the fastest to hook the user.

Life can be hard and complicated most the time, which is why people look for a way to escape reality, even just for a second. High risks of fires and explosions can occur in clandestine labs. With long time use people suffer from feelings similar to schizophrenia.

At the same time the FDA was promoting methamphetamines to help with health problems such as obesity, depression, hyperactivity ADHDand narcolepsy. The mayhem of meth addiction takes over the lives of many individuals and destroys our society as a whole. Users will resort to taking things from family members in order to pawn or sell them to get money for meth.

They feel more energized, and more aware of their surroundings. Why would this drug continue to rise in popularity? Meth is a bitter tasting, odorless, white crystalline powder that easily dissolves in water or alcohol. They experience loss of bone density, loss of muscle tissue, and dangerous levels of body temperature.

Long time users end up Methamphetamines labs or death labs essay many reactions to using meth. Twitching, tremors, jerking, or convulsions are highly common. They become obsessive in everything that they do.

The families of meth addicts experience the horror of watching a once healthy and happy loved one turn into an estranged emaciated shell of a person. Dopamine overwhelms the brain, over stimulating it and causing a rush feeling.

Clandestine labs are very unstable due to the mixed chemicals in the air from cooking all of the ingredients down to achieve that one specific part that is needed.

All this highly affects the users themselves, but it also affects the people and environment around them as well. These are all known as paper crimes. As the addiction and use increases the consequences to family worsen. A good majority of crimes committed by meth users are fraud, identity theft, and check forgery.

England, America, Germany, and Japan all started to give their soldiers methamphetamine to ward off fatigue and to improve their alertness, and endurance.

Remembering day to day things, or recalling long periods of time becomes a problem for them.

The Mayhem of Methamphetamine

Mixing that with the anxiety and paranoia people are more likely to lash out in aggressive violent behavior. Delusions and hallucinations are highly common. The children in an addicts care can suffer neglect or abuse, as well as exposure to deadly chemicals. It can be smoked, taken intravenously, intranasal snortedorally, or absorbed through the skin.

Depending on how sever the paper crime is, it could range from a state offense to a federal offense with time in jail or prison. On average, five pounds of hazardous waste is produced by the production of only one pound of meth. Inintravenous injections became prevalent among illicit drug users.

Costs to taxpayers and reduced property value are some of the consequences that society encounters with meth. Now you ask yourself, why would anyone want to have all these chemicals in their body? With all the conflicting chemicals so close together, one wrong step, and things could easily get out of hand with explosions, fires, and poisonous fumes.

Department of Justiceā€¦", Methamphetamine is a family member to phenethylamine, it can include a range of ingredients that are stimulants, hallucinogens, and entactogens. Damage inflicted by poisoning or injury to innocent bystanders and suspects, and damage to property are all affected by these lab accidents.

In turn, family ties are broken and trust is lost, even to the point of families disowning the loved one to save them the heart ache. If you were ever to come across a clandestine lab make sure you do not touch anything, open or move containers with chemicals or suspected chemicals.

Meth is more of a mental addiction rather than a physical addiction. It is common for users to have an irregular heartbeat, heart attack, or stroke.

Despite all the information many people know or have known a meth addict in their lives.2 Combating Methamphetamine Laboratories and Abuse Methamphetamine abuse is a serious problem across the nation, but has been particularly prevalent in the West and Midwest.

Identifying a Meth Lab and a Meth User There are several different signs to identify where a meth lab is as well as what a meth user looks like. Usually when this occurs the addict will be more interested in meth related activities, meth related people, and meth related environments.

3/5(5). Essay about Methamphetamines Labs or Death Labs. illegal methamphetamines. The use and production of meth has spread across the United States. This epidemic is turning rural areas into dangerous meth labs ready to blow up if not constructed correctly.

rather than the real bad guys like street meth, crack/cocaine and heroin. For something like weed which is used wide spread, punishing pot users and chasing after them is more of a waste of time for the police than it is for them to bust an underground meth lab- the drug itself is capable of offering harsher physical effects to the body than pot.

/5(10). The Mayhem of Methamphetamine. Crank, Glass, Ice, Go-fast, Chalk, Crystal, Tweak, and Meth are all one in the same. Life can be hard and complicated most the time, which is why people look for a way to escape reality, even just for a second.

The Effects of Methamphetamine on the Body Essay example Words | 5 Pages. The Effects of Methamphetamine on the Body The abuse of methamphetamine is a very serious problem in .

Methamphetamines labs or death labs essay
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