Monologue of a dying dog

I hate it when they laugh at me. I allow you to stay as you are, dead. Saying goodbye to someone at a hospital is never easy. My interest looks at them with eyes wide open — blind and open. Deep voice distance pausedistance pausethe distance pausea distance that shows itself, to which one points, which someone could refer to as something concrete, palpable, in short, very deep, low voice this distance here.

It was a yes! Because Lily was the best present my parents ever gave me.


He turns on the stereo, goes back to his car and leaves. I wish it were me. So happy that I forget the name of what surrounds me.

My interest is what does not die. I would light your body on fire, carefully collect the ashes that I would later throw out through my car yes, dog, I have a car on this very road on which we are now.

Between the two of us my angel, my repulsion, my sweaty hands and a fissure. Even if my finger touches your paw there is a motionless kilometer between us, as there is on the road. Raise eyes up to sky and say imploringly Please, someone tell me what to do.

Showing of 8 items. Get the Flash Player to see this player. What is my name, dog? The two of us, my eye. The streets, people, signs, figures, whistles, warnings, prices, merchandise. What name would you give them?

Get out from behind my eyelids.

Start: My dog died. I don’t know if you

Pause I stood before the great mass of soap in the midst of the great mass of enormous supermarkets how they shone at night! The last member of the competition team is a slight pause with eyes hopeful.

One pair of jazz shoes is perfect. On the inner side of the front row, lamps and inlaid reactors illuminate the text. What happens when you lose your dog, your best friend in the world? Translation by Vanessa Ceia.

Powerful, physical monologue about a sister trying to say goodbye to her older sister Claire, who has died.

Dog Anxiety

I got him for Christmas this year. Yesterday Lily got sick. What is that for? So, I push my feelings down deep inside of me and just hope no one can tell. Would you do what I did? There you go, wounded retina, a bark that is half hunger, half fear, half immense night.

She has to get better. I forgot them all. I forgot the names of the goods but I still know how to say:dog died, that was when the raincloud came back and everything went to hell CB’s SISTER enters wearing what can only be described as a black wedding dress.

She’s holding a wooden cross which she places on the ground in front of him. An Original Custom Monologue will help you stand out from the crowd. A child struggles with saying goodbye to a dying Mother.

Heartbreaking but full of emotional intensity and honesty. A girl writes a letter to her dog Lucky who has died. Except to call me “faggot” or to dislocate my shoulder and all of a sudden get a stream-of-conciousness monologue about your dead dog while I’m trying to spend the only moments of my day that don’t truly SUCK.

As cars pass the dog by, the stereo is playing the text from “Monologue For a Dead Dog.” Between the two of us, (Pause) poetry. Between the two of us my angel, my repulsion, my sweaty hands and a fissure. Monologue of a dying dog Essay by destroy_me, High School, 10th grade, C+, November download word file, 2 pages download word file, 2 pages 6 votes/5(6).

Want to use the Un-Chatty Cathy monologue for an audition or a school assignment? Get to know the character of Cathy, read the short play "Un-Chatty Cathy" in the play collection 3-Short: A Trio of Plays by Gabriel Davis.

Monologue of a dying dog
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