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Tom and Jerry In childhood my favourite cartoon was Tom and Jerry. The Tom chases the mouse into the flower stand where it cracks. Sometimes even now I can watch this cartoon.

The charm of this series cannot be stolen by any new generation cartoon series. I always see different cartoon shows on T. My love for Tom and Jerry is so much that all my school accessories have Tom and Jerry stickers on them.

Tell us your favorite cartoon character in the comment section below. It provides ample entertainment without indulging in obscene acts or usage of abusive language. The main distributors of the show was Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and currently it has been distributing by Warner Bros.

I always dream about spending the day in real life with them. This is one of my favourite episode of Tom and Jerry series. Laughing is the best exercise for your brain and helps you young. So Jerry always threatens him by throwing the glass from the top of the shelf whenever Tom tries to grab him.

Essay on My Favourite Cartoon Character Tom & Jerry

I mean he is so cute. It was very easy plot.

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Today they are the main source of entertainment for the children. Obviously my favorite is Jerry. Tips for Essay on My Favorite Cartoon Character Try to maintain a flow in your essay like begin with the introduction, then the main content and at the end, the conclusion.

Normally, a cat overpowers a mouse and eats it as a meal. The information in this essay can be useful for writing an essay on topics like My favorite TV show, or you can modify them according to your favorite cartoon character too.

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This never ending comrades always kept my spirits up in every situation. In this episode Tom always grabs Jerry with his tail where Jerry always tries to run away from Tom.

My favourite cartoon in childhood was Tom and Jerry. All the other series are just hollow who play with the minds of children just to earn a few bucks. There is a lot of action in the cartoon and it is very bright. Cartoons have a large impact on the minds of growing children.

The Jerry mouse came to know about the weakness of the cat Tom. But with the sophistication in technology, the characters gained voice and the screenplay was also customized to add background music to the effect.

I have learnt to relate to them in a prolific manner. The list is very long. In some series, Tom and Jerry even befriend each other for their own ulterior motives and entertain the audiences together against a common enemy.

One should never underestimate their enemy. Tom and Jerry is very funny and when and when I see it, I smile and laugh a lot. When I was a child my mother even bought the plates holder with pictures from this cartoon.

The designing, screenplay and script of the TV show is minimalist with no confusing complications. Of course, mouse was always sly and cleverer than cat and these adventures made me smile.

But the series of events that takes place during this facade is hilariously amusing. This show comes on the channel Cartoon Network in India.

And in that house there is a mouse named Jerry.Jul 23,  · Essay Speech Paragraph on My favorite Cartoon character Tom and Jerry for class 2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8 in ,, words for school/5(10). In childhood my favourite cartoon was Tom and Jerry.

Every day I wanted to watch this cartoon. There were two main characters – cat and mouse. My favourite Cartoon character is Doraemon. He is a cat robot from the 22nd Century. He has a pocket on his stomach and many gadgets in it like the “bamboo copter”, anywhere door, fast / slow perfume, Gulliver’s tunnel, small light and big light etc.

My favourite cartoon 'tom and jerry' essay for class 3 my favourite favourite is creative and jerry add more points to this essay by character in the comment box. What s your favourite cartoon character animating and best of all jerry writing cartoon the cartoon characters,my favourite cartoon is popeye.

Jun 04,  · My favorite cartoon is Tom & Jerry since i was a little kid till now. The cartoon Tom & Jerry has influenced many children all over the world. Creative writing my favourite cartoon character tom and jerry. By September 11, Trying to work on my research paper, but i figured looking up one-way flights to #scotland was more important.

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My favourite cartoon essay tom and jerry
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