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Ahmed said she asked for an unopened soda, only to be served an opened can because the air hostess said the unopened can could be used as a weapon. They are regarded with suspicion and subject to undue hatred.

This is why we have Muslim women like Niloofar Rahmani and Kubra Khademi who are at the very frontlines fighting terrorists. The media more often covers attacks that happen in the west, such as the terrorist attack on Paris inwhen in fact a few days before there was a terrorist attack in both Tunisia and Kuwait.

This evidence shows that although there have been a lot of murders and terrorist acts in the name of Islam, the religion itself was not meant to promote violence, but in fact diminish it.

This kind of view is quite damaging for the entire world and society. Islam spread rapidly, with many countries currently being dominantly Muslim, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Iraq, and many more.

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Muslims want to defeat terrorism just as much as any other American, if not more. People need to start holding people accountable for their actions rather than a whole religion, because there are bad people in every religion.

The law requires many harsh punishments, such as the cutting off of a hand when one steals, or stoning one do death for adultery.

The likelihood of being killed by a Muslim is actually a very small percentage, meaning it would be more likely for someone to be killed by a toddler than a Muslim even though the media does not make it seem like it. You must understand that by asking me whether I condemn terrorism, you are questioning my humanity.

Just being of Muslim background and traveling with a Pakistani passport implies that I am a threat — not a student going back to her home country to visit her family, but a ruthless terrorist intent on destroying lives.

Not only has he said many things that allow for the discrimination against Muslims, but he has also pushed many more people towards hating Islam. Besides, it has an impact on many white people who have to live in constant fears, separation, and hatred after watching the news.

Should I have to apologize for the typos of another writer? Not only is Lubitz not generally regarded as a terrorist, but he is also not seen as a representative of all Christians. Bush called for the positioning of more thantroops in Saudi-Iraq border as the start of Operation Desert Storm Taylor, Political leaders running for presidency have a main goal of gaining power, thus it would be smart to create a sense of fear and urgency.

I also am a M-u-s-l-i-m, one of over 1. In conclusion, there are many factors as to why Islam is portrayed as a religion of violence. When Andreas Lubitz, a white Christian, deliberately crashed Germanwings Flightkilling all passengers onboard, the media did not call him a terrorist.

A common characteristic between these groups is the religion, Islam. I also have factually proved that you are more likely to be struck by lightening, crushed to death by a couch, or killed by a toddler, than to be killed by a Muslim.

Not only have Muslims been targeted by the same terrorist groups, but Muslims are portrayed as terrorists and suicide bombers in the media. Because of cultural pressure, a women living in the Middle East may feel like she is obligated to wear one, but religion itself does not force one to.

Another issue would be the idea of women wearing a veil or hijab. To put things into perspective, ask yourself: The hijackers who carried out the attack do not represent the more than 1.

The Markulla Center of Applied Ethics mentions the Rights Approach that greatly connects to the aspect of treating everyone equally. I am a proud American, raised in Texas. When my year-old brother started school in the United States, he was the only Pakistani kid in his class.

Quite a ridiculous scenario, right? Those who watch biased media do not understand that Muslims are diverse and should not be blamed for every action of a terrorist who claims to be doing this on behalf of the Islamic religion.

Not only is the media doing so but also political leaders whom are running for presidency, with interest in keeping islamophobia present. No matter where you look, you will find that the strongest association between Muslims and terrorism is one in which Muslims are victims of it.

There is a sad irony in how Muslims are the largest victims of terrorism yet also receive the most hatred for it. McVeigh and his partner, Terry Nic This last point is especially important.

They both claim that they are doing this for religious reasons, thus causing Muslims to be impacted negatively. McVeigh was angered about actions in Waco and decided to target the Oklahoma Federal building because it was home to multiple federal agencies.

Al-Qaeda retaliated because of the intervention of U.This answer is given by me because of all world face terrorist attack. I also beleive “Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims”. I am very sorry to my good muslim people for my this one time you also think about.

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No, Muslims are not terrorists Unveiling. All it takes is a simple Google search of any terrorist attack to find the plethora of Muslims publicly condemning it. Try it out. For example, here are over 40 examples of Muslims condemning the.

Essay on Muslims. Jamal & N. Naber () wrote not all Arabs are Muslims and not all Muslims are Arabs, when in fact, the United States often conflates the categories of Arab and Muslims. The top six countries with the largest Muslim populations are Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Turkey and Iran.

None of these countries are Arab. Islam does not promote the path of violence and terrorism to its followers.

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Although the media seems fixated on Islamic terrorists, terrorism is found in all segments of the world. The United States has seen its share of home grown terrorism, much of /5(7).

Essay Islam and Terrorism. Sadiq Khan Mc. Cook English 20 November Does Islam Promote Terrorism? There may be some Muslims who are terrorists, but not all Muslims are terrorist and Islam as a religion does not promote terrorism and defines as a religion of peace.

Islam means submission to god. Islam is a religion of peace and does not.

Not all muslims are terrorists essay help
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