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But I never say that and for Post to suggest otherwise is surprising. They amount to a fair warning that things might go wrong, that class struggle and state office often pull in opposite directions.

Nothing ventured nothing gained...

If you lend money to an unstable party, you will be in great danger of losing both interest and capital, but in compensation you may get interest for several years at the high rate of twenty per cent.

If man had not ventured out to achieve these feats, could we ever have had such a thriving civilisation on the planet? Second, he also agrees that any chance for Left advance depends on returning to its roots in the working class.

The attempts so far to combine class struggle and electoral efforts as a strategy for socialism have failed. Could he have got featured among the 12 greatest entrepreneurs of our time by Fortune magazine, if he had not ventured out of his comfortable job and had not fathered the IT industry in India?

It could become a live issue down the road, and indeed, I agree with Post that if socialism is to ever be achieved, it will require a final breakprobably with a political upsurge of some kind.

By Seb Joseph April But he has reasonable grounds for trusting that in the course of the year his profits will, to a considerable extent, exceed his losses, or else he would try some other means of earning a livelihood. The fact is that, across the world, there is simply no question about whether or not socialists should have an electoral dimension as part of their strategy.

I love helping people and providing free education.

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No pain no gain. The proverb conveys that we can never succeed without trying out something and facing failures. Millenniums later, different continents were largely disconnected with each other. If we do not make any efforts, we cannot expect any good result for our endeavor.

Did Jobs halt being creative and intrepid? Can you imagine that Dhirubhai Ambani stunned people at Aden by diving into the shark-infested waters from a ship and returning to the shore safe, in response to a bet?

When a new officer joins the Indian Navy, he is taught how to swim. Now, if he embedded that argument in a wholesale rejection of electoral politics, it would be a clear and lucid if sectarian point of view.

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained!!!”

Other things being equal, the partner who risks two lacs of rupees in a business will receive twice as large a share of the profits as a partner who only risks one lac.

Nothing will come of nothing. He plunges boldly into some speculation which he knows to be less dangerous than it is supposed to be the world at large, and so gains large profits, though not without risk of loss. But this will have to be combined with an electoral component, so that we might use the levers of state power to both weaken the structural power of capital and further enable organizational capacities of labor.

He has to go through all these process and do them systematically so as to have a good harvest. The rich invest in fine art, luxurious cars, wine but they do it mostly for their own pleasure.

nothing ventured, nothing gained

It only does so if I am construed as a traditional social democrat, maybe a shill for the Democrats, advising people to vote and then go home. It has its risks, of course. His risk-taking ability, that was far higher than the contemporary business of his time, was one of the factors that contributed to the laying of the foundation of one of the greatest examples of entrepreneurship in India.

The great inventors have achieved so much only by laboring for years together with a singular objective. Any person who sits idle and do not do any labour cannot gain anything in their life. The points Post raises are most welcome, but they are also entirely consistent with my argument.

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Post seems to be aware of this basic convergence, but because of his anxiety to differentiate himself from me, he begins to stretch things, bending my argument to suit his purposes. And third, he also agrees that the best political vehicle for it is still the mass cadre-based party developed by the Second International — though modified to the best of our ability to minimize its negative tendencies.

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained Essay

The result— the fear is gone."Nothing ventured, nothing gained. And venture belongs to the adventurous." - Navjot Singh Sidhu quotes from Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained «Nothing ventured, nothing gained” idiom means that it is necessary to take risks in order to achieve something - Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained introduction.

Speaking about investments, you have to invest your own money somewhere to make financial gains. = Nothing ventured nothing gained. The proverb conveys that we can never succeed without trying out something and facing failures. Any person who sits idle and do not do any labour cannot gain anything in their life.

As no prey can enter the mouth of sleeping lion, those who do not take pains in life can’t be successful in their life. Words Essay on Nothing venture, Nothing have Article shared by “Nothing venture, nothing have,” means that we cannot ex­pect large profits, unless we are willing to run the risk of losing something.

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It was an approach that could have been more costly but Kidney is a believer in the nothing ventured, nothing gained school of thought. O'Driscoll's loving Ireland side's new sense of adventure Idioms browser?

Nothing ventured nothing have essay
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