Opinion about nuclear energy

Less people have died from nuclear power per GW than coal, gas, wind, solar, and hydro. The country needs jobs at the low end of the scale, where the hand meets the tool. Public opinion about nuclear energy reflects a tradeoff people make between perceptions of need and safety concerns.

Just watch the Gulf of Mexico for awhile. The global research agency GlobeScancommissioned by BBC News, polled 23, people in 23 countries from July to Septemberseveral months after the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

I own a factory. In India last Wednesday a hunger strike was held at the Koodankulam reactor, where a plant is currently under construction. Yes it is expensive but in the long run Opinion about nuclear energy will pay off.

Not one truly modern plant has ever had a problem. Nuclear power is our best option for reliable, environmentally friendly base-load electric generation. They put the cart before the horse on this one.

In Russia, the environmental groups Ecodefense and Groza risked a great deal by recently demonstrating in front of Rosatom. Oil has turned the world into a pollution zone and nuclear energy will dig a deeper hole and bring us humans one step closer to killing ourselves.

Why would anyone look for more when the mines that were in operation provided enough? Even in France, which relies on nuclear power for about three-quarters of its electricity, one poll found that a majority 57 percent were in favor of abandoning nuclear energy.

What Is Your Opinion on Nuclear Power?

BiscontiApril 27, Two recent polls, one conducted by Gallup and the other by the University of Texas at Austin, seem to show public opinion about nuclear energy headed in different directions. It is incredibly, incredibly carcinogenic. In July of this year Hidankyo, the group that represents the 10, or so survivors of the atomic bombings in Japan, the first generation of hibakusha, called for the very first time for the elimination of the civilian nuclear industry.

So many people got cancer that worked there. With huge government subsidies the nuclear industry has been a huge boondoggle. Modern nuclear is clean, safe and plentiful, capable of providing abundant power to the entire world in a cheap manner.

Would they really intentionally run these plants if they were dangerous? The context of any survey influences attitudes, as does the information people receive in the real world.Support for nuclear energy remains strong, according to our fall public opinion survey.

Sixty-five percent of the U.S. public expressed support for nuclear energy, consistent with recent years where two-thirds of the public has reported favorability to nuclear energy. Oct 24,  · Best Answer: Nuclear power, I believe is the best, safest, most reliable, current technology to provide energy.

The plants operating now are safe and the new designs are even safer. The plants operating now Status: Resolved. Letter to Secretary Perry on Nuclear Energy and National Security Readmore. Letters, Filings & Comments June 26, PDF. The Impact of Fuel Supply Find More Resources.

Public opinion on nuclear issues

Site Navigation. Fundamentals Expand Navigation. Fundamentals. What Is Nuclear Energy? How a Nuclear Reactor Works. Nuclear Fuel. Nuclear Waste. Safety. Judging by the results of our recent nuclear power poll, many of you have strong feelings about nuclear energy and its potential role in the United States’ future.

The pros and cons of nuclear power have been well-documented for decades. Nuclear power is a source of energy that, I believe, should be used. Nuclear power allows us to continue to power our lives without having to pollute the air. It also provides stable electricity which helps prevent the frequent power outages that many areas without nuclear energy face.

New nuclear is being designed to be affordable, and to fit better with the other clean energy technologies on the grid. That wasn’t always the case.

Back in the s and into the s, nuclear energy was less expensive than coal or natural gas, and renewables were a niche technology even with generous federal tax incentives, so reducing cost .

Opinion about nuclear energy
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