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It is a wonder why for so many years the policy makers are oblivious to the needs of a parole officer. The Penitentiary in Crisis: Conclusion There is now a great clamor to solve the problem of overcrowded prison and one of the major ways to do this is the effective use of the parole system.

Pollock explained why there is a trend for increasing numbers of inmates and she remarked: There is no need to work in the Justice Department or be an inmate in order for one to empathize with prisoners as well as those who are going in and out of jail.

But there is a need to overhaul the current parole program and one of the more important steps in this direction there is a call for a serious assessment of the role of parole officers in the said subject matter.

A parole officer is more than a strict supervisor but in fact should become more of a counselor who has to work from the heart, giving more than expert advice.

New York University Press. But before going any further it is important to fully understand the problem of overcrowding and why it is imperative to have an effective parole program. It can be argued that it is easy to get inside the prison but it is much harder to live outside as an ex-convict.

This is when the active and passionate participation of parole officers is much needed. One has to pay attention that overcrowding is not a problem of one or a few states, it is a problem across America.

This is because instead of providing a place where one finds a respite from a life of crime these people are forced to act like hoodlums within the claustrophobic environs of jails — some will even kill in order to protect themselves or establish order in the midst of chaos.

This means that the work of the parole officer does not begin when the ex-convict was already out on the streets; it begins within the walls of prison. Experience, however, showed that the commutation of the period of good-time allowance should only entitle a prisoner his release from the institution and not from the custody and supervision.

This will also mean reducing costs that in turn will create more funds that can be diverted for more important programs such as in education or healthcare.

It is considered as the largest city jail system in the U. He or she may have little or no access to programs or treatment for parolees and may earn much less than a correction or police officerp.

Parole and Its Impact on Prison Systems in America Essay Sample

It can be likened to an employer who may not like the idea of paying good salaries to his employees and so they rebel against the maltreatment by shirking in their jobs. Jones and Bartlett Publishers. They will have to walk the extra mile to help those who may feel there is no hope and that their only option is to become a professional criminal.

The Origin Of Parole In United States Of America !

It is hard for policymakers to see it as more than a watchdog. State University of New York Press. There is a need to increase resources available to parole officers. In other words prisons can be easily managed and there is less risk of having riots in U.

And there is no other program that can hit two birds with one stone but the parole system. This is simple mathematics, meaning it is simply a matter of common sense. This system was subsequently adopted by other States in America.

More essays like this: Need for Parole There is mounting evidence that will show that it is counterproductive to add more number into an already tightly-packed facility. And then this will in turn resulted in reducing the workload of prison staff as well as the current inmates who may have to share more than prison facilities but also time needed to talk to counselors and other prison workers.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. With the passing of the Parole Reforms Act,a uniform system of parole has been implemented throughout the country so as to do away with inequalities of sentencing and its evil effects on prisoners.

It is now clear that the parole system is under the authority of the prison system. And then this study will examine the chain-reaction of events that resulted from the interaction of three factors parole program, overcrowded prisons, and release of ex-convicts from jail.Probation and Parole in the United States Essay.

A. Pages:4 Words This is just a sample. and probation and parole have the same duties for the malfunction of the criminal justice system. The difficulties documented above are huge. We will write a custom essay sample on Probation and Parole in the United States specifically for you.

Jun 25,  · Background Parole in America's criminal system is one of today's most hotly debated topics in the criminal justice field is whether or not individual states should abandon the parole system.

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Preview text: The origin of parole in United States of America can be traced back to the earlier system of indenturing prisoners which meant removal of prisoners and handing them over to the employers for work and supervision on condition of being returned back to. Parolees are supervised by parole department officers; the parole department is usually an arm of the state prison agency (Bergman,p.

). It is now clear that the parole system is under the authority of the prison system. The state of Maine abolished parole in and after Maine abolished parole, twelve other states did the same thing.

Abolishing parole is called indeterminate sentencing.

To compare Probation and parole is not a factor, because. Parole in America essays Parole defined by the Columbia Encyclopedia is "the release from prison of a convict before the expiration of his term on condition that his activities be restricted and that he report regularly to an officer." Which basically means that a convict must meet certain.

Parole in america essay
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