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Our Customer Promise Providing excellent customer service is at the heart of our business. Download this free guide To infinity and beyond: Accenture will implement advanced analytics capabilities, which will enable more efficient water sourcing and remote monitoring of assets.

Ofwat hopes this will stretch companies to deliver a better overall service to a wider range of customers. A copy of our Final Pr14 business plan thames water developer and a non-technical summary can be found here.

Our Blueprint for Yorkshire

However, a decade after its introduction inOfwat plans to ditch the measure under the next AMP cycle, replacing it with a new, wider-ranging measure. Service Incentive Mechanism SIM replaced While not a perfect measure, the SIM is generally recognised to have fostered a new culture of customer service among water companies.

The utility company is six months into an month pilot, powered by Accenture Analytics, which will look at new ways of working using a single view of its operating systems and assets, such as pipe and treatment facilities. In delivering these, we will seek to find innovative ways to work towards them, while keeping prices as low as possible.

Coupled with this are the more established challenges around customer affordability, water scarcity and diminishing efficiencies.

PR19: the squeeze is on

The information and data will help the utility anticipate equipment failures and respond in near real-time to critical situations, such as leaks or adverse weather events. Start Download You forgot to provide an Email Address.

These rewards depend on the delivery of plans, as well as the quality.

Serving parts of North West London and the Home Counties.

The papers do not conclude at this stage, but identify areas for further research and analysis to enable the most informed decision to be made for the future of the industry. Using your feedback to shape our actions.

I may unsubscribe at any time. This pilot will provide us with a clear framework for the benefits that can be realised," said Martin Dangerfield, head of PR14 and wholesale plan at Thames Water.

Ofwat plans to pilot C-MeX in Please provide a Corporate E-mail Address. The methodology confirms the introduction of a separate price control for bioresources more commonly known as sludgeas well as the advent of direct procurement.

Our published Final Plan WRMP is the draft submitted to Defra on 2 April revised to incorporate the changes identified in our Statement of Response to representations received, including the Appendix, submitted on 11 November The D-MeX is a new incentive with financial and reputational components for developer services customers.

For security reasons this document has not been published, but a hard copy is available for reading at our Head Office in Redhill.

This, Ofwat says, can reduce costs and customer bills by increasing competition for areas — such as design, build, financing and operation — that would previously have been automatically delivered by incumbent water companies.

The regulator wants companies to assess the suitability of direct procurement as part of their business plans. As part of its Water programme, Ofwat has invited stakeholders to make representations about how these challenges are best tackled and to identify the issues associated with delivering changes that meet these challenges head on.

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Final determinations

In order to comply with Defra security guidance site names have been anonymised. Companies with exceptional business plans will enjoy financial benefits throughout the AMP cycle as well as an earlier draft determination. This is a change of direction from the controversial sustainable economic level of leakage SELL — the measure of whether it is cheaper to allow the leak than to fix it — that has traditionally driven leakage targets.

We have an aim to become a leader in customer service, both within the water sector and against other industries. The WRSE Group, which comprises six water companies, the Environment Agency, Ofwat, Defra, the Consumer Council for Water and Natural England, was set up to determine a regional water resources strategy comprising a range of strategic options to find the best solution for customers and the environment in South East England.

You told us that this is very important to you. Thames Water is piloting the real-time monitoring system Accenture Smart Grid in an attempt to deliver improved services. We look at a few high-profile examples of how organisations are reaping the benefits of their big data projects.

We confirm that no other information was excluded from our Plan on the grounds of national security.

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Based on what you told us matters to you we developed seven long term outcomes, which will form the core of our future direction. In the next review, engagement will be stepped up another gear, with the regulator calling on companies to use a wider range of techniques to engage customers, as well as repeating the CCG process.

Fast tracked status will be easier to achieve, offering companies a smoother process and earlier determination, without any of the financial benefits associated with exceptional status.

If we are to achieve this ambition we need to think about the customer throughout everything we do, whenever we do it.Thames Water is piloting the real-time monitoring system Accenture Smart Grid in an attempt to deliver improved services.

Thames Water pilots smart analytics with Accenture

The utility company is six months into an month pilot, powered by Accenture Analytics, which will look at new ways of working using a single view of its operating systems and assets, such as pipe and treatment facilities.

The Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) is a statutory consumer body for the water industry in England and Wales. We offer independent advice about your water company.

If its service has been poor, we may investigate your complaint. Just weeks after the furore surrounding Thames’ failure to hit its leakage targets, the regulator has proposed companies set “more stretching” performance commitment levels than at PR Bristol Water PR14 Business Plan Page 6 Retail Non-Household Plan Priorities To investigate the priorities of non-household customers we commissioned independent.

At Yorkshire Water, we've got a plan, which we're calling our Blueprint for Yorkshire. It’s making us challenge the way we do things.

How we supply safe drinking water to a growing population and deal with waste water too. How we minimise our impact on the environment and continue to save water. Business contact; Developer contact. View Richard Dunmore’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community.

PR14 Manager Thames Water. May – June Business Planning Manager Thames Head of Strategy and Planning for .

Pr14 business plan thames water developer
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