The effects of african colonialism essay

They were as happy as any other civilization at that time. There was not much that changed in the government following the fall of colonial rule, except that laws were tinkered with such that they favored a different select rich Instead being ruled by Europeans, Africans adopted a form of government that had been around before colonist even landed.

The main theory supporting this idea stems from Marxist economists who claim that poor countries are structured to provide support for international capitalism of larger countries through natural resources.

More essays like this: Thus, despite some benefits brought about by colonialism, the negative effect it had on the economics and politics of the African countries, the overall consequences were not positive. With most of Africa still struggling to stand on its own, the rattle of debate continues as to what exactly the effects of colonialism were on Africa.

Ordinary Africans during pre-colonial times simply had little idea what the outside world had in store for them. The argument that colonialism was an entirely positive occurrence necessarily implies that modernization was a desirable outcome for African societies.

These adjustments, however, are not always in the best interest of the African people, largely consisting of privatization programs that result in deteriorating health, education, an inability to develop infrastructure, and in general, lower living standards.

Birth rates have increased and the death rates have dropped in many African nations as a result of colonialism. This separation of economic status between the masses further increased the instability of the country.

Before colonialism, Africans had to worry about matters of life such as whether their next harvest of yams would provide enough food for the family or if the rainy season would come too late. One casualty of colonialism in Africa did not surface until after the African countries declared their independence: Although pre-colonial Africa may have been less materially developed than other regions of the world, her inhabitants were as equally self-sufficient.

The colonial era also introduced social and demographic changes in Africa that indirectly affects the economy positively such as the introduction of education formalliteracy expansion, urbanization, and hospitals.

Essentially, the rich are getting richer and the poorer are getting poorer. The argument ignores the possibility that simplicity is preferable over complexity. But nowhere in Africa were positive contributions made to any large extent. This obviously poses a problem for those inhabitants living in those African countries who are not benefiting from this philosophy of government.

They had societies just as the Europeans had societies. They had art just as the Europeans had art. It resulted in death, pain and humiliation to millions of its victims.

New levels of technology that had never been seen in Africa before were introduced such as electricity, telecommunications also as a result of colonialism. The new countries were artificially created, with many being too small to be viable. Western multi-party democracy imposed by colonial powers polarized African societies, such as in the case of in Rwanda with the Tutsis and the Hutus.

Less than a third of the countries in Africa have populations of more than 10 million.The Effect of Colonialism On The World Essay.

about the problems and effects that colonialism have caused in the whole world. Is it good or bad? The Effects of African Colonialism. Essay by monsieurmarc, University, Bachelor's, A+, February With most of Africa still struggling to stand on its own, the rattle of debate continues as to what exactly the effects of colonialism were on Africa.

Colonialism had torn apart formerly neighborly kingdoms, yet it had also created /5(8). Colonialism (old colonial regime) versus Neo- colonialism Africa with all its blessings in mineral resources has sadly been a victim of the atrocities imposed by the world towards it.

It is often said that colonisation can be viewed as a process that shaped the African continent’s destiny in every way. Long-term Effects of European Colonization on Africa Essay Words 6 Pages Africa has had a long and tumultuous road of colonization and decolonization the rush to colonize Africa started in the 17th century with the discovery of the vast amounts of gold, diamonds, and rubber with colonization hitting a fever pitch during World War I.

The Effects of African Colonialism Essay Sample

The Effects of Colonization on African Countries Essay Words | 8 Pages The Effects of Colonization on African Countries If Africa were a person, it would be a wise, young, memorable woman with a. While the murky waters of good and evil, right and wrong, blanket Africa’s colonial past, the imposition of the foreign rule and its effects on the economical and political futures of her inhabitants far outweigh the positive aspects brought about through colonialism.

The effects of african colonialism essay
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