The history of the nurse staffing nursing essay

Josephine Goldmark, a social worker, served as the secretary to the committee. Professional autonomy was being debated, nursing theories were being developed, and nursing education was being integrated into the university setting. Most patients saw nursing as a female dominant profession due the delicate nature of caring for sick patients and the need for gentle interactions and nurturing.

In fact, it has been well observed by many schools that the major factor in the nursing shortage is due to the lack of qualified nursing instructors. Since World War II the nursing profession had always been a female dominant profession until now, with the addition and encouragement of male nurses in the profession.

While staff nurses might feel that it is necessary to deliver higher quality of care, management might not be willing to accept it without researched proof of its benefits.? However, this law does not require the strict use of RNs. Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

Other findings including lower rates of hospital acquired pneumonia, pulmonary failure, unplanned extubation, failure to rescue, and nosocomial bloodstream infections were related to higher RN staffing which were found by other studies. The findings indicated that there was not a shortage of the general supply of nurses, but there was a serious shortage of nurses in research, teaching, administration, and advanced clinical practice.

Some contributing factors to the dearth of nurses were the low esteem of nursing as a profession, long hours with a heavy workload, and low salaries. Brown recognized that nursing education in the university setting would provide the proper intellectual climate for the professional.

Nurses were becoming more politically astute in that they were working through professional organizations to affect health care legislation. Now fast forward to the yearseveral decades later, the baby-boomer generation is aging and approaching there sixties and beyond at a time when healthcare is beginning to be used more frequently by many others.

The Nursing Shortage

However, many hospitals have currently up-graded equipment to help prevent unwanted needle stick exposures through the use of needle free systems, but there is still work to be done to keep nurses and patients safe. This is just to name a few disasters that America was impacted by with the need for emergent healthcare services.

Both of these factors play a role in the bigger picture of patient, regardless of where the RN is providing care. This paper will discuss some individual points more in detail and evaluate the nursing shortage situation from the beginning of nursing history to present day that could affect all healthcare workers now and in the future.

RN retention is important but so is RN satisfaction. Although when the economy improves the shift of nurses actively working may change and create an even bigger nursing shortage while some may change careers or retire all together.

Nursing tradition and the apprenticeship form of education reinforced putting the needs of the client before the learning needs of the student.

Legislation recently passed in California called for an increase in nurse staffing. As secretary, Goldmark developed the methodology of data collection and analysis for a small sampling of the schools of nursing in existence.

The staffing ratio of RNs to patients has always been a great debate between nursing staff with direct patient care and management.

As physicians were released from military service after World War II, the era of specialized medicine began. On the contrary, most facilities do not recognize nurses with compensation based on performance other than an increase in cost of living wages, but could benefit further through increased recognition programs.

The nursing shortage topic in America has always been a debatable question where it will be analyzed further in detail starting with some statistical data.A registered nurse is a nurse who has graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in nursing and has graduated from a nursing program at a university or college and has passed a national licensing exam titled the NCLEX.

The Personnel Recruitment And Retention Nursing Essay. The problem in healthcare industry is the shortages on nurses, this has affected the recruitment and retention of nurses of nurse in hospitals. Increasing Nurse Staffing to Improve Patient Outcomes Name Institution Increasing Nurse Staffing to Improve Patient Outcomes One of the emerging challenges in the healthcare sector is the increasing rate of nurse shortage with respect to nurse.

Nurse Staffing

With the influence of the international nursing shortage and the ever-growing technological advances within health care, alternatives to nurses, and to the registered nurse, are emerging.

Nurses make up the majority of health care providers in most hospitals. However, it often seems that there is a shortage of nursing staff. “Issues in the literature on nurse staffing levels and workforce were identified as vacancies, recruitment, hiring, and retention” (Budden,p.

17). By studying nursing history, the nurse is better able to understand such issues as autonomy (being self-directed), unity within the profession, supply and demand, salary, education, and current practice.

The history of the nurse staffing nursing essay
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