Theme analysis in the epic of beowulf

See Article History Beowulf, heroic poem, the highest achievement of Old English literature and the earliest European vernacular epic. Blood-Feuds Although Beowulf is in some respects a Christian poem, its social code emphasizes justice rather than mercy.

Christianity and Fate There are many references in the poem to the Christian belief in one almighty God who takes a personal interest in human affairs.

Certainly he is interested in increasing his reputation and gaining honor and payment for his own king back in Geatland. Tolkien, have argued that the Christian elements have been woven skillfully into the text; they claim that the poem in its present form celebrates Christian virtues as they were understood by a medieval audience.

The awareness that a feud is about to reopen supplies much of the foreboding that is apparent at the end of the poem, for example.

The two perspectives, pagan and Christian, therefore co-exist in the poem. In turn, Beowulf will present these treasures to his own king, Hygelac, who will then honor Beowulf with appropriate gifts.

Beowulf - Analysis of the Epic

As he fights and defeats Grendel, Beowulf Earns Fame and wealth from his companions, and from the Danes, but more importantly, he earns honor raising him to the level of an archetypal hero. Grendel seeks revenge upon mankind for the heritage that he has been dealt.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Others, among them the distinguished medieval scholar and fantasy novelist J. The code of the warrior society is a simple but harsh one.

For Beowulf, sadly, it is the end. It also means that the warrior must fulfil his obligations to the group of which he is a key member. Only in the mead-hall is there any respite from the dangers of the world outside.

He does what he knows he must do. Tolkien suggests that its total effect is more like a long, lyrical elegy than an epic.

Beowulf: Theme Analysis

Finally, this is a universal theme because it is not only Beowulf and his men who must continue to seek adventure; it is everyone is the real world as well. As he prepares to meet the dragon, near the end of the poem, now King Beowulf again considers his reputation.

At three points in the narrative, the stories of Norse rulers and fighting men are highlighted: Beowulf defends his reputation with such grace and persuasion that he wins the confidence of King Hrothgar and the rest of the Danes.Analysis of the Epic Poem, Beowulf - Beowulf and Caedmon’s Hymn Beowulf and Caedmon’s Hymn In Beowulf the Christian element, which coexists alongside the pagan or heathen, may have originated in part from the works of Caedmon.

Beowulf Theme Analysis Essay Sample

Beowulf belongs metrically, stylistically, and thematically to a heroic tradition grounded in Germanic religion and mythology. It is also part of the broader tradition of heroic poetry.

Examples List on Beowulf Theme

Many incidents, such as Beowulf’s tearing off the monster’s arm and his descent into the mere, are familiar motifs from folklore. The Analysis and Comparison of the Themes of "Beowulf", "The Odyssey" and Other Related Epics Words Apr 2nd, 11 Pages An epic is best described by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as a.

(Click the themes infographic to download.) In many ways, Beowulf is the simplest kind of epic there is. It's about the conflict between a courageous, mighty, loyal warrior and the demons and.

Beowulf Themes

Meaning of good in the world described by Beowulf One of the most important works of old English literature is the Anglo Saxon epic of Beowulf that deserves a well distinction due to its epic story telling of heroism.

Another factor that makes this epic distinctive is the presence of themes describing the need to do good and its importance. Video: Universal Themes in Beowulf This lesson examines universal themes within the epic poem, 'Beowulf.' This timeless piece of literature is still a favorite .

Theme analysis in the epic of beowulf
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