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The Story The Prologue: In the final moments of the film, Frank led a police car on a wild chase. For three years a legal battle was waged over a locomotive and would be carried all the way to the Supreme Court, who refused to hear the case.

It was memorable for its strong story-line of a single, brave, but foolish Southern Confederate train engineer Johnnie Buster Keaton doggedly in pursuit of his passionately-loved locomotive "The General" and the blue-coated spies who had stolen it, AND the woman he loved.

Take Exit Wade Green Roadturn right at the end of the ramp.

Fort Sumter has been fired upon. Spiteful and holding his bruised rear-end, he warns the white-haired gent: Several years ago, a mural was painted on Train scene from the general side of the historic Cottage Grove Hotel downtown, commemorating the filming.

In the second half, the Union spies chased Johnnie in his re-possessed General back to the South. In the parlor inside the house while sitting next to her on the sofa in the foreground, he decides to be rid of the two boys on another side sofa so that he can court his girlfriend in private.

Someone off-camera hands a book to Annabelle. They attempted to ride "The General" back into the Union, meanwhile wrecking communications, tracks, and bridges along the return way to Union-occupied Chattanooga about miles away.

After looking inside her purse for something, Annabelle Lee returns un-noticed to the first baggage car of the train to retrieve an item from her trunk. The getaway car careened through streets, over ditches over the heads of ditchdiggersaround curves and up a mountainside, missing collisions at every turn with the pursuit vehicles.

Shot in one take, the scene shows the train starting gently and gradually picking up speed as it enters a shed, while Keaton, his character distracted and heartbroken, pretends to be oblivious. Stagecoach The John Ford western had a spectacular, climactic hair-raising, dangerous stunt a horse-leap and coach-slide during the stagecoach chase across the alkali flat by Apache Indians.

Not knowing that he has been found unsuitable as a soldier because of his valued occupation, she approaches Johnnie as he is sitting uncomfortably on the crossbar of the locomotive engine to confront him - and shun him.

After a fade out and a fade in, the scene is back at the Marietta, Georgia train station.

They all dressed up in Union uniforms and were filmed going left-to-right before changing into Confederate uniforms and being filmed going right-to-left.

The atmosphere on set was fun, and every Sunday the cast and crew played baseball with local residents, who often said that Keaton could have been a professional player. One by one, Messala Stephen Boyd eliminated the other drivers in the ferocious race, shattering their chariots.

Some of the car chase footage was stock footage, since special effects were not very well developed in the s. The town declared a local holiday so that everyone could watch the spectacle.

The Apache was struck and fell down among many sets of thundering hooves. And thousands of people came from all over the area to watch the scene being shot. Bachelor Lucas was involved with two females teenaged hillbilly Roxanna "Roxie" Ledbetter Sandra Knight and Memphis nightclub singer Francie Wymore Keely Smith in the romantic subplots, but it was the few fast-driving road chases, usually at night, that were the highlight of this film.

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I know every foot of this railroad from Marietta to Chattanooga - and with ten picked men I cannot fail. He contrives to trick them to exit the room by having them mechanistically repeat his movements as they have already. As the ice thawed the next morning and broke apart "the great ice-break"her lifeless form was caught unconscious on moving ice-floes and was swept downstream toward a precipitous waterfall.

Without jumping back or becoming startled, he stares fixedly at her with great interest - with the famous deadpan, blank Keaton look. Invitations abounded for her to leave her berth at Union Station and venture around the country.

Bits of 1926 Hollywood train wreck are still in Row River

A new marker known as the "Ohio Monument" was to be dedicated to the seven raiders buried in Chattanooga National Cemetery. Congress created the Medal of Honor in and posthumously awarded it to some of the Raiders James Andrews, leader of the raiders, was not in the military and therefore not eligible.

A lengthy train chase ensues, with two Union trains chasing The General southward as Johnnie pulls telegraph poles down and leaves bits of his train behind to slow them. He ordered it, along with five other engines, run into the car munitions train that could not be moved since all rail lines to Atlanta had been severed.That The General captures the heart and soul of Civil War and railroad enthusiasts is a fact.

The "why" is a little harder to explain. Early in the Civil War, spies rode this combined freight-passenger train into history in an event now popularized as "The Great Locomotive Chase."It was nearly destroyed as General John Bell Hood burned the railyard and.

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Young and fresh girl 18 complete years of age Germany Fulda German train. GermanTrain. Bits of Hollywood train wreck are still in Row River The movie was "The General," starring Buster Keaton; in the scene, a real locomotive is crashed through a real burning bridge into the river, at a cost (in dollars) of more than half a million dollars.

The General is a American silent comedy film released by United Artists. Shot in one take, the scene shows the train starting gently and gradually picking up speed as it enters a shed, while Keaton, his character distracted and heartbroken, pretends to be oblivious.

[citation needed]Starring: Buster Keaton, Marion Mack. May 31,  · Johnny is the engineer of the General, a Southern locomotive. The train is stolen by Union spies, and Johnny chases it on foot, by sidecar, by bicycle and finally with another locomotive, the Texas.4/4. In the film, Johnny Gray sets the bridge on fire after he crosses it in the General, and the pursuing train, the Texas, crashes into the Row River in a spectacular fiery collapse.

The scene cost an estimated $42, to shoot and is said to be the most expensive scene in silent film history.

Train scene from the general
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