Tupac s essays keep ya head up

Tupac also sends a message to women that they have to respect themselves and to not back down and let men bring them down.

2Pac - Keep Ya Head Up Lyrics

Part of the third verse: They will not see women as only a sex target but instead as more. After changing the gender pronouns, the song seems humorous and unrealistic.

Her death is cited as one of the causes of the LA riots in Tupac knew he was going to have to work hard to be someone in this world and the answer was in his poetry.

So the same capitalistic approach that they are critiqued for is the same one enacted by much of the masses who buy the music. Tupac tells women that if the guy they are with cannot do this then leave because you are just as strong and capable of taking care of yourself without him.

The song is dedicated to Latasha Harlins, a fifteen-year-old woman shot and killed by a shop owner in LA. I feel like he made this call without the politics of respectability as the frame, which is critical.

I adore this song. This is because of a common theme found in most hip-hop lyrics and videos.

Keep Ya Head Up

Tupac encourages women to remain strong because things will get better. Critiques of Black people and capitalism have to actually move beyond critiquing a tiny sliver of wealthy Blacks who consume expensive goods to explaining why this same system denies so many Black people upward mobility or even basic needs for survival.

His mother was part of the Black Panthers and was actually the highest ranked woman leader for the New York chapter.

And as the messages and images are broadcast globally, they have become the lens through which the world now sees us. Other songs about ethics of gender: By saying this, he is telling everyone that you are not a man if you continue to treat women poorly.

An entire generation of Black girls are being raised on these narrow images. They also comment on how this is not the way things should be. He makes a connection between negative perceptions of the youth and the larger societal forces that create inequality. Watts believes that most songs encourage female abuse In the first verse, Tupac raps: As I continued to read the article, I could really feel the anger and hurt these women have encountered in their own lives.

Artist in the hip-hop culture all say they want to make a difference because they have all experienced how hard it was growing up the way they did.Get access to Understanding 2Pac s Keep Ya Head Up Essays only from Anti Essays. Listed Results 1 - Get studying today and get the grades you want.

Nov 24,  · Tupac’s Keep Ya Head Up I chose Tupac Shakur’s “Keep Ya Head Up” because delivers a positive message to one of the most oppressed groups in the US: poor, black women. The song is dedicated to Latasha Harlins, a fifteen-year-old woman shot and killed by a shop owner in LA.

Her death is cited as one of the causes of the LA. In Tupac’s song “keep ya head up” Shakur is trying to shed light on the fact that it’s not right to treat women this way, and he is trying to influence young men in. It’s 25 years old: Tupac’s ‘Keep Ya Head Up’ is hip-hop’s definitive ode to black women ‘Tupac cares, if don’t nobody else care ’ By Justin Tinsley @JustinTinsley.

The Life Of Tupac Amaru Shakur. Print Reference this This record did better than the first, with hit songs like "Keep Ya Head Up" and "I Get Around" which featured members of Digital Underground.

If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays website then please click on the. Tupac’s “Keep Ya Head Up” is “a soulful song of encouragement for young mothers and women struggling to make it” (Joseph).

To help my argument I will put the lyrics of the first verse from the song.

Tupac s essays keep ya head up
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