Wisner case study

ECT appears to be an excellent option that provides swift symptom resolution in patients who have been admitted to hospital with acute, florid psychosis. The infant drug exposure was calculated as a product of the average drug concentration in breast milk and the quantity of daily milk intake.

The importance of a slow titration of lamotrigine to avoid potentially toxic dermatological side effects implies that lamotrigine is less likely to be a first-line agent for managing PP.

Mattel pledges to test all finished toys vigorously before they reach the consumer. Out of the total toys recalled, less than 2 million of the 19 million were recalled due to hazardous lead paint concerns, an issue that has to Wisner case study with the manufacturing of these products.

Lithium toxicity must be managed immediately by stopping the drug, fluid rehydration, and close monitoring of electrolyte balance and renal function. Functional imaging of the frontal and mesolimbic structures with treatment holds promise for enhancing the understanding of the neurobiology that underlies PP.

The CEO himself, Robert Eckert, did 14 television interviews and 20 phone calls with reporters discussing the facts of the recall in order to answer the questions the public had for Mattel.

For example, the postpartum patient with insulin-dependent diabetes, an acute onset of paranoid delusions, inconsolable crying and fitful bursts of unexplained laughter, and a twin sister with mixed episodes would require antimanic drug treatment with the fewest metabolic effects.

Patients with refractory illness may require augmentation with an atypical antipsychotic drug. The target level of lithium is 0. Side effects may include hepatitis, leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, rash, sedation, and ataxia.

The symptomatology of puerperal illnesses. Controlled prospective study of postpartum mood disorders: Electroconvulsive therapy Prior to the advent of electroconvulsive therapy ECTsignificant mortality was associated with PP. This contrasts with patients with florid psychosis, who are unable to discern reality, feel compelled to act on their delusional beliefs, and cannot assess the consequences of their actions.

Mattel Recall Case Study

In general, once medical causes for acute-onset psychosis have been excluded, the first-line drug treatment should be based on the underlying diagnosis. Before release from hospital, the treatment team must work with the patient and her family to devise a discharge plan that will bolster her supports, incorporate close follow-up, and reduce stressors that contribute to relapse risk.

A Review of Postpartum Psychosis

These women could benefit greatly by referral to in-home services for additional support and enhancement of parenting skills. Menstrual irregularity, anovulation, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and insulin resistance may be associated with VPA. The publicity was so shameful that the head of Lee Der Industrial, a manufacturer that had worked for Mattel for 15 years prior to the recall, hung himself in his factory after news of the recall had been announced.

PP could be a presentation of a primary psychotic disorder, such as schizophrenia. Characteristics of consecutive admissions. Classification of postpartum psychosis: Therefore, the practice of tracking infant drug levels may be very appropriate for estimating the extent of drug exposure and disposition in breastfed infants.

Go-To-Market Strategies Few tasks are more daunting than taking a new product from conception to consumer. Category Validation Studies Do you have a good story to tell? The dose ranges are 2.

Rates and risks of post-partum depression—A meta-analysis.

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The medication options include atypical antipsychotic agents and mood stabilizer or antimanic agents, such as lithium or antiepileptic drugs AED. Persistent mental Wisner case study has been linked with impairments in mother-infant bonding. Supportive psychotherapy that begins prior to hospital discharge may incorporate parenting skills and early infant interventions to address maternal-infant bonding and infant development.

They achieved this objective by sending press releases to the media, creating a recall portion of their website, starting a free multi lingual voice response phone line, giving retailers an advance notice of the recall so they could remove products from shelves before news spreads, and allowing a customer to register a product for recall online or over the phone.

Pharmacotherapy overview Acute pharmacotherapy is essential to manage the psychotic and mood-related symptoms of PP. Where Mattel dropped the ball however, was their third objective, to accept full responsibility for the recall and be as open and honest as possible.

Although lithium is not commonly prescribed for breastfeeding women, investigators have noted that the avoidance is based on minimal data from over two decades ago.

Transient hepatic toxicity and cholestatic hepatitis 9091 may occur in neonates exposed throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Carando, Objectives Mattel was prepared for a crisis of this magnitude with a page crisis plan. To avoid the high relapse risk after delivery, bipolar patients should be encouraged to resume treatment immediately after childbirth.Their combined citations are counted only for the first article.

K Choon Tan, SB Lyman, JD Wisner. International Journal of Operations & Production Management 22 (6),An empirical study of customer comment card quality and design characteristics.

Toy Recalls: Mattel, Inc. Case Study Analysis – TABLE OF CONTENTS Gilbert and Wisner write “the world is now considered flat, meaning that people, goods and ideas can and do move freely across the world” (33).

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Wisner: Operations Management Loose-Leaf. Over the years, Wisner Marketing Group, Inc. has created and published a number of widely-publicized studies on a variety of retail and CPG topics, be it a whitepaper, case study, best practices report, or competitive assessment.

Wisner case study
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